5 Safety Tips For Women Travelling Solo


So, it is possible for women to travel solo in a new town? ABSOLUTELY.

  • This is even if you’ve stayed clear of all those shady resorts.
  • If you’ve taken the highway route at night.
  • Even if you’re are not familiar with the local vocabs and dressing code.
  • And even, if you’re visiting the country for the first time.

Truth be told- Travelling solo may seem intimidating at first. But there is no better way to explore what the visited country offers. Which is why as strange as it may sound, many ladies are embracing the idea of independent travelling with confidence… (Way to go ladies…).

Plus, it’s not that you will always find your trips to be rosy and splendid. Occasionally; you will stumble upon some budding miscreants, thieves or muggers who would want to steal away what’s yours and even hassess you. But the trick is never to panic, keep a cool head, be confident and following these safety tips whenever necessary!


  • Properly Crowdsource Your Research:-

You can always take help from reputed sites like Trip Advisor or refer to Google maps to suss out hotels with good reviews and neighbourhoods that are safe.

  • Find Out The Best Way To Commute:-


If you’re a budding traveller visiting say Doveton or Narre Warren, then you need to find out what’s the most reliable, comfortable, discreet and safest way to travel from one point to another.

Private taxi hire services in Doveton  usually are deemed very safe, but only if you opt for ones having a respected name in the industry.

What’s more, toptaxi hire services in Narre Warren offer:-

  • Hassle-free booking
  • Offer experienced and well-behaved drivers
  • Present nice clean vehicles
  • And quick transfers at reasonable fares

Usually, it is during travelling that most of these unfortunate and unjust incidences take place. The local cab drivers instil a false sense of belief into solo female travellers and lure them into their cabs- which is a trap! And tragically, it works most of the times!

That’s why try and avoid taking local cabs driven by shady drivers. Instead, look for safe and low-cost taxi service providers serving the area. Look for their online reviews and how many years have they been in the industry.

  • Always Try And Blend In:-

The next tip is to avoid attracting the wrong type of attention. This happens when you wear clothes that make you look different from all local women. Simply put; look to avoid outfits that scream ‘Tourist.’

It is what most thieves or con-men in the area look for. So, best not to give them any wrong idea or make yourself appear like a vulnerable target.


  • Do Try To Be Careful With Your Possessions:-


Most travelling ladies today have a smartphone, a laptop or tablet. But it is these items that garner attention from thieves or wrong-doers. So, the best thing would be to not flash or parade around with these items wherever you plan to travel.

Keep them inside your bag and well within your reach at all times. This also applies for your passport, VISA and your purse.

  • Always Keep Safety Tools With You For The Expected:-

One of the best lessons you’ll learn as a solo traveller is to Expect The Unexpected. It is why keeping a few of these safety tools with you in your purse is so important.

  • A personal alarm or whistle.
  • Small flashlight.
  • Wearing a bra stash where you can store away your emergency money or carry the hotel key, and even hide your credit card when the situation doesn’t feel right.
  • Pepper spray to stay safe from violent goons.


Final Say:-


Be sure to keep these safety tips in mind whenever you look to travel alone- be it day or night. And most importantly, never be scared or intimidated. Have belief and say to yourself- “I’ve got this” and you’ll always find a way.



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