5 Safety Tips To Follow During A Taxi Ride This Festive Season


It is the festive season around the corner, and it would include hopping around party venues or probably visiting friends and acquaintances. For all of this, taxis are the only saviour where you do not have to worry about parking, driving around if intoxicated and refuelling while you are busy having a gala time.

When it comes to taxis, it is known to replicate private cars minus the worry involved in driving it around. While it is the festive season, more and more taxis would come to service, and while you book any one of them through an agency for a local taxi in Loughborough, it is likely that you get to customise the services. Even when you are with a reliable service provider, there is the need to stay safe especially when the miscreants too are on the prowl.

Let people know of your whereabouts

There may be times when you are stuck in traffic or caught up somewhere before reaching your destination. Instead of letting people panic about your location, you could inform them about your plans, and just in case there is a problem, they know where to look for you or who to contact when there is an emergency.

Share the taxi details with a friend or family member

Even though it is a trusted taxi provider, there is the need to share the details such as the car number, driver’s badge number, etc. with a friend or a family member. Just in case you have been attacked, or the car is vandalised by any chance, there is the need to bring about attention, and that can be done once you convey it to your friend.

Do not leave valuables displayed

You may have purchased a designer bag to flaunt at the parties that you are invited to and displaying them can lure miscreants on the road especially when you have the windows pulled down. It could also be a sparkling piece of jewellery that you are wearing. For all of this, you could consider not wearing anything expensive when travelling as well as covering the valuables until the time you are out of the taxi.

Avoid flashing the possession of cash

There are times when people take out the entire bundle of money that they possess to make payments for the taxi fare. While miscreants are always on the prowl especially at crowded areas and party venues, there are chances of you being robbed once you are out of the taxi. Therefore, you could either plan to make payments beforehand or pay with the help of your credit cards. While most taxi services in Loughborough make arrangements for online payments and prepaid options, you are to check whether you have hired taxis that allow such services or not beforehand.

Avoid getting off at dark lanes

Even if your destination is close to a dark alley, you are to get off at a well-lit area or probably ask someone to wait and accompany you. If someone is travelling with you, things may not be an easy target for miscreants who often hide in these dark lanes.



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