5 Secret Tips for Moving Fragile Items During Interstate Removals


Hey! Congrats on finalising your new home! It’s obvious you are excited to shift to your new residence and settle as early as possible. However, when it comes to sorting and packing your household belongings, you need to be a bit more careful while dealing with fragile items, especially for a long-haul journey. 

Interstate removals require safe packaging of goods and transporting fragile items can further nettle your nerves. Therefore, analysing risks and taking proper precautions is necessary to ensure your items reaches the destination in a “zero-damage” state. 



Set aside sufficient time for packing your fragile items and follow the nifty tips mentioned below to avoid facing a nightmare at the end hour.

  • Never Overload Boxes

It’s not a good idea to rely upon cardboard boxes as they can’t withstand heavy weight. If you have items that are too delicate or sensitive, professional removal companies in Sydney recommends to pack them in sturdy cartons that can bear heavy load, withstand shocks or jerks of quick movements during the transit. 

  • Use Sufficient Bubble Wraps

To secure your fragile goods during interstate removals, it’s imperative to have sufficient stock of packing supplies beforehand. Newspaper can be used as a primary shock-absorbing layer for cups, plates or crockeries. As a second layer of protection, professional interstate removalists in Sydney suggest using bubble wraps for extra precaution of your items during long-haul transit.

  • Place Plates Vertically

For packing plates, at first secure, each one of them in bubble wraps, wrap with good quality adhesive tape and then place vertically in boxes. You can use crumbled paper underneath, around and top of each plate. This limits the possibility of moving and shaking during transit and protects your item from heavy jerks. 

  • Secure High-Value Electronics

Fragile items may include some of your high-value electronics and so it’s essential to secure them with the help of professional interstate removalists in Parramatta. Back up your data beforehand to avert chances of the worst-case scenario and use original packing boxes for each item if possible. 

  • Use Dish Boxes for Kitchen Essentials

Among all other delicate items, kitchen essentials are the most dangerous to deal with. From cups, glasses, plates to delicate crockeries, you need to take special care of each item while packing for interstate removals. Here’s a pro tip for you. If possible, use dish boxes as they come with thick guards and offer topmost protection to your fragile stuff.

Now that you know the tricks of packing fragile items, interstate removals will not be a nerve-wracking experience anymore. Share this blog with your friends and families and let us know how it worked for you!



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