5 Things Everyone Loathes About DIY Carpet Cleaning


Carpets provide warmth and comfort to your feet, thus making them one crucial thing for most homeowners to invest on. But your carpets also accumulate the most amount of dirt and filth- be it from your feet, or from your shoes.

Many even prefer cleaning their carpets themselves in an attempt to save money. But, eventually, they find themselves a spot of bother be it due to their lack of experience, lack of proper cleaning equipment or inadequate knowledge about proper cleaning.

On that note, here are 5 Things Which Most Homeowners Despise about DIY Carpet Cleaning.

  • Over-Wetting The Carpet-

The first real issue with DIY carpet cleaning is often homeowners tend to over-wet it during the cleaning process. The issue with excessive water is that it can prove difficult for your carpets to dry and recover. Plus, it also leaves behind traces of grit and soil, and also reduces its efficiency and lifespan.

  • Accidentally Ripping The Carpet-

Carpet ripping is another issue which occurs due to DIY cleaning. Many homeowners have complained of this issue when they accidentally ripped out a portion of their carpets due to their harsh cleaning method.

One way which you can avoid this from happening is not exerting too much pressure or overstretching it to its limits!

  • Brown Spots On The Carpet Surface-

Another issue with DIY carpet cleaning is the occurrence of brown spots right after its cleaning. This occurrence is referred to as carpet wicking. To remove those ugly looking brown spots; you require the expertise of a professional cleaner to work on those embedded stains.

They will deliver adequate spot cleaning to remove those stains and even prevent any further browning and wicking.

  • Shrinking Of The Carpet-

Skimping on professional carpet cleaning from experts in Brisbane and resorting to DIY cleaning can eventually cause your carpets to shrink and appear drab and unattractive.

Cleaning carpets with too much heat or excessive water can damage its natural fibres and even deteriorate its lifespan. The wise option would be to skip these abrasive and unreliable cleaning methods and hire professionals to do it on your behalf.

  • Removing Furniture Stains-

Another problem with DIY carpet cleaning is removing stubborn furniture stains which results by constantly being in contact with home furniture. And believe it or not, these stains are tough to remove, especially by unreliable DIY cleaning techniques.

To remove such stains; you need them to be professionally cleaned by industry-specific tools, and cleaning detergents.

Avoid these issues by referring to professional carpet cleaning services in Brisbane to keep them clean and healthy.



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