5 Useful Techniques to Prolong the Shelf-life of Your Phone Battery


Nowadays almost all mobile phones are manufactured with non-removable battery, which makes the batteries non-accessible to the cell phone users. Maintaining the battery of your phone can be difficult. In case of battery damage, the majority of mobile phone users go for battery replacement, but this expensive and inconvenient.

The battery life of smartphones starts degrading after using it for just a year. However, you can extend your battery life through some useful techniques.

Here are some of the ways with the help of which you can prolong the shelf-life of your phone battery…

Identify And Acknowledge The Reason For Degradation Of Your Phone Battery

You need to put your phone on charge twice a day only as it is a full charge cycle, using more than a full charge cycle a day can degrade your phone battery. However, if you are facing charging issues with your battery, then you need to go for mobile phone repairs in Adelaide for solving the issue more effectively.

Do Not Go For Fast Charging Your Phone

Charging your phone fast can create stress in your phone’s battery. You should avoid fast charging until you require it. Moreover, if you slower the charging of your phone, then the life span of your battery will also increase, and it is a proven fact!

Avoid Draining Your Battery To 0%

The mechanism of today’s phone makes the battery drain completely or charge completely. Phone batteries stay best if kept above 20% capacity and below 90%. To be more specific, they are best around 50%.

Minimise the screen brightness

The screen of your smartphone uses the most battery. Lowering the brightness of your phone’s screen will save a lot of energy. You need to use auto brightness that will reduce the screen brightness when there is less light.

Close the apps that you are not using

To save battery, you need to close the apps, which you are not using at that moment. Keeping the unused apps open for no reason can drain out a lot of battery. Hence, make sure to close the app after use. Besides, if your phone is malfunctioning by downloading unnecessary apps on its own, then you should opt for servicing your cell phone from good mobile repair in Adelaide

Therefore, if you have confusion on how to preserve phone battery lifespan, then you need to follow these vital methods to extend your mobile phone’s battery life. However, even after following all the techniques, then it is advisable to take professional help from mobile repairing service centres.



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