5 Vintage Photo Booth Ideas to Make Your Wedding Look Classy


A wedding is one of the most important events in everyone’s life. Almost every individual plans to make their wedding a grand one. However, choices of decorations vary from person to person. Some wish to give it a modern look, while some want a classy wedding. Along with flowers and curtains, photo booths are an essential part of the decor at weddings and other events.

If you are one of those who love vintage decors and want to give a classically vintage look to your wedding, then these vintage photo booth ideas will help you to get one…

  1. A Vintage Getaway Car

You can put a cardboard car that has a vintage look. The photographs will be taken from the front, which will allow you to select interesting poses and angles. You can get this look by opting for wedding photobooth for hire in Melbourne.

  1. Faux Framed Wall

This is a popular wedding photo booth idea used especially for vintage style weddings. Choose a wall that coordinates with the wedding theme to get the best outcome. Use classy old furniture to give it a more vintage look. Moreover, you can install some golden or bronze coloured frames on the holes within the wall for a classy vintage appearance.

  1. Rustic Motif

If the bride and the groom both are fascinated by antiques, then this idea will fit your desires. You can use a vintage sofa and table, along with antique style candle stands. Also, wooden board at the back will give a total vintage appearance.

  1. Thematic Photo Booth

If there is a common interest present between both the bride and groom, then the booth can be created as per their desire. This might include epoch style, travel, sports, and others. By choosing the epoch style, you can get the feeling of a retro hero, which will be a pleasing factor at your wedding, after all, it’s your day! It is best to opt for a cheap photobooth for hire to get this kind of photo booth at a budget-friendly price.

  1. An Oversized Book

This photo booth is another way of making your wedding classy. Installing an oversized book, with an antique style book cover and brown pages, depicting your love story is surely going to give a classically vintage feel at your wedding.

Thus, these were some of the unique photo booth ideas to give a classically vintage appearance to your wedding. It is recommended for you to opt for professional photo booth providers to get a wide range of options to choose from and fulfil your desire.



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