6 Factors that Determine the Cost of Tinting of your Car


Getting the windows of your car tinted? What are the worries that are haunting you? Mr Chapman has been planning to get his car window tinted for years but has been confused by the different quotes provided by the different windows tinting companies he contacted.

This is obvious for many of the people like Mr Chapman. The cost variation is an important aspect of the window tinting services.

The reasons that determine the costing of the window tinting for the cars are as follows-

1. The Numbers of Car Windows to be Tinted

It is obvious that the numbers of windows to be tinted plays a major factor in the costing. While, on the one hand, some of the people opt to tint all the windows and the top of the windscreen; while other people choose for window tinting service in Melbourne only for one or two window glasses of their vehicles.

2. The Size of the Car Windows

It is important to note that the size of the car windows plays a determining role in the costing. The different variants of the cars like the sedan, SUVs or the hatchbacks have different sizes of windows. The cost of tinting the windows for each of the options will surely differ. The larger the size of the windows (area-wise), the higher would be the costing.

3. The Variant of the Car

As already said, the model or the variant of the car determines the cost of the window tinting. The bigger automobiles like the SUVs would probably cost more as compared to the smaller automobiles like the hatchbacks.

car window tinting

4. The Quality of the Tinting Material

The quality of the tinting material to be used determines the cost. The best quality of the tinting materials would always have the costing on the higher side as compared to the tinting materials of inferior quality. Therefore, one should always opt out for the cheap car window tinting in Melbourne without compromising the quality. Seasonal deals, discounts and offers are some of the best resources to crack the best pricing chart.

5. How old is Your Car?

Before opting for the tinting, it needs to be taken in mind about if the car is old or new. The tinting for the new cars is easy, while tinting for some of the older version of cars is difficult. Therefore, the costing of window tinting differs in this case too.

6. Is the Car Currently Tinted?

It is essential to consider if the car’s windows are already tinted or not. It is because the tinting cannot be done on the already tinted surface. The existing tinting needs to be removed before applying the fresh coat of the tint. It must be made sure that the surface is clean.

Since the work is to be done twice and would seek extra labour and time, therefore, the cost of tinting, in this case, goes up.


One must not get confused with the pricing if you confront with a different cost. Think of all these factors and make sure that the costing does not fluctuate a lot. Always opt for the best quality window tints for your vehicle. Don’t forget to carry out a quote comparison before you finalise anything.

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