6 Questions Experts Answer about Rolling Papers


Contrary to perception, rolling papers aren’t a new concept by any means. They have been around for decades and even centuries. But it’s true that in the recent past, they have become extremely popular considering the cost of conventional cigarettes is rising ever so often. Rolling papers sure are an affordable alternative to cigarettes.

But there still some people who have absolutely no idea as to what they are all about which is why we spoke to an eminent expert on this subject. Here’s a few questions we asked and we were more than satisfied with the answers.

Cigarette Rolling Papers
                    Cigarette Rolling Papers

What are rolling papers made of?

Yes, this is a very common question as most people want to know what materials are used to make modern rolling papers in Indonesia. Did you know that the first rolling papers were made with wood-pulp? Yes, and the paper used was somewhat similar t what we use on a regular basis. But that’s not to say that there weren’t any other materials back then. Way back in the 19th century, rice-based papers were the rage. Although you can opt for any of the papers, every one of them has its pros and cons. At the end of the day, it all boils down to what you like.

What about rolling papers made of rice paper?

Well, it’s quite obvious, isn’t it? This kind of papers is made by processing rice followed by pressing it into sheets. Although most rice-based rolling papers are made out of all-natural ingredients, there might be some kinds which can have added additives. Probably the biggest advantage which rice-based papers have in addition to the fact that they are way thinner is that they burn slower as compared to wood pulp rolling papers. If you aren’t experienced in rolling papers, rice papers might prove to be a difficult proposition for you. This is due to the fact that these papers have low-friction which is why you can’t grip them well.

How are rolling papers which are made from wood pulp?

Out of all the materials used, wood pulp is by far the most popular kind because it’s also the material which is primarily used in conventional cigarettes. If you smoke regular cigarettes, wood pulp paper might be best suited for you. Why? Because, it will give you a smoking experience which you are familiar with.

What about hemp rolling paper?

Over the years, this kind of rolling papers has grown immensely popular. Having a non-intrusive, pleasant taste, the taste of the tobacco is affected slightly. These papers have a good grip which ensures that you won’t face any problems while rolling. If you are environmentally conscious, this paper is best suited for you as they are made from hemp plant rather than trees.

Will the colour of the rolling papers always be white?

More often than not, bleaching chemicals are used to change the colour of the paper and that’s why you find the white colour.  If you want them to be chemical-free, you should opt for natural wood-pulp rolling papers. Compared to other forms of rolling papers, this kind usually burns faster.

Are there any other kinds of rolling papers?

Of course, there are. Transparent tobacco rolling papers like trip papers or glass are also popular. Although these are primarily made out of natural plant cellulose, they do contain water and glycerine in small amounts. Not only is it an organic material, but it’s also biodegradable in nature. What’s more, you won’t need any gum or glue.



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