6 Reasons to Justify the Need for Basic First Aid Training


People in a society should have basic knowledge of first aid that not only helps them but also the community, when the medical emergency arrives. Until the professional help arrives, your first aid skills can save a life in your public locations, workplace. So, opt for first aid certification in Sydney to help yourself and people around you upon facing emergency situations.

First Aid Training

If you get the first aid certification, you would not only help victims, but can pass on your skills also to your family and co-workers. Hence, without being witness to an emergency situation, a certified person can prevent a certain situation from worsening. Well, basic first aid assistance comprises simpler techniques and tools that you can utilise until the professional help arrives. Here you will get to see most expected first aid skills-

1. Relieve the pain: Some injuries need quite a simple solution like rubbing ice pack or applying pain reliever spray/balm in the right way to soothe the pain or soreness. Well, pain from some injuries is such intense that you can’t even go to the medical centre. Hence, calling a person having basic first aid skills can save people in an emergency situation.

First aid course

2. Cure from choking: Forceful or careless eating habits are the reason behind such problem. For example, both eating and talking at the same time or consuming non-edible product block the airways followed by the cardiac arrest. Well, if a patient suffers from the blockage in the upper airway, knowing the correct methods to clear the airway can save a life before medical help arrives.

3. Cure spinal and head injury: It is important to identify the spinal and head injuries as soon as the accident occurs. Immediate identification and necessary aids can only save the life of a victim. With basic first aid training course, you will learn the correct way to deal with the spinal and head injuries.

4. Correct application of ANAPEN or EPIPEN: Severe allergic reaction or Anaphylaxis is known for affecting most Australians every year. Even, a delayed cure can cause a life-threatening situation. Being prepared for such situation may teach you to administer the adrenaline using auto-injector like ANAPEN or EPIPEN. If you take first aid training on such issues, you will know the successful application of such medication.

Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation

5. CPR or Cardio Pulmonary resuscitation: If you are worried to give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to a stranger, you can go for chest compression to deliver Oxygen and provide circulation of air in the body. In this way, you keep the brain and other organs functioning until medical help arrives. Upon being trained under skilled first-aid trainers, you come to know the signs like, unconsciousness, abnormal breathing pattern and unresponsiveness that need CPR.


6. Manage the excessive bleeding: Severe bleeding can be life-threatening if not addressed quickly. If you learn the skills to control bleeding, you can save the life of a victim suffering in an emergency situation.

To deal with the trauma a victim or the people around go through, basic first aid training guide in Perth is necessary. With basic first aid skills, you can show the confidence during an unexpected situation, which is very helpful to the casualties.



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