6 Ways to Relocate Office Furniture in a Fuss-Free Way


Are you about to move your office? Be it moving a large or small office space- a proper moving strategy ensures a smooth corporate relocation. To make sure there is no hassle, you have to prepare you office furniture for the big day. Here are a few things you need to do for loading and unloading the furniture for the move.

  1. Empty the Drawers: You may feel it unnecessary, but it is one of the important aspects to make a move without causing any inconvenience. Keeping contents in the drawer, even after locking them can make the furniture heavier and increase the risk of injury to the movers.
  1. Unbolt the Furniture in Advance: Before removalists in Tweed Heads arrive, you should unbolt all the furniture, joined desks, shelving as well as cubical dividers. It will save your time and money.
  1. Disassemble Furniture Properly: Use the organisational skills of your employees to avoid losing any important pieces of the furniture like bolts and screws. Keep them in plastic bags and secure them properly. It can reduce the headache of putting desks, cabinets and other furniture back in its actual form. Many furniture removalists in Gold Coast disassemble the furniture move to their destined place with proper protection and packaging.
  1. Label Everything: Get specific with your labelling work to unpack and organise things faster in your new office space. Right from files to large pieces of furniture, instruct movers clearly about where to place what. It will let you avoid relocating the furniture after movers are gone.
  1. Make the Floor Plan: Visit your new office space and create a floor plan. It will include proper planning of which furniture will go where. Apart from labelling, provide your furniture mover with proper instruction about where to place desks, cabinets. Since professionals have furniture moving dolly, mover pads, furniture slider and safety straps- it becomes easy for them to move the heavy items from one space to another.
  1. Choose the Transportation Mode:It is easiest as well as a fuss-free way to take help of professional shipping. Most movers provide services of loading, driving, and unloading the items. Based on how heavy or large the furniture is, professional movers also work with proper equipment as well as temporary storage to relocate your furniture without any hassle.

Following these few things can let you have straightforward furniture removal. Also, don’t forget to make employees aware of the new place and labelling on the packed furniture to understand which system belong to which desk or cabinets.



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