7 Reasons Why Nicotine Free Vape Juice is so Popular


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Nicotine free vape juice is becoming more and more popular amongst the vapers in Australia. Firstly, because these e-juices do not pose any health hazards and secondly, these e liquids come up with a wide range of flavours and the stoners can choose one of their choices at ease.

Here are the 9 reasons why these vape juices are so popular. 

They are non-toxic 

Unlike the ones with nicotine, these non-nicotine e liquids are in most cases made up of food-grade ingredients. Thus, not only are these e liquids safe, would provide absolutely hassle-free vaping, which will give that desired kick, but without any customary health hazard. Besides, the fact they come up with a lot of flavours would add more life to the smoking spell – literally.

Just a word of warning – keep them away from the pets and children. Frankly, e-juices are not meant for them!

You do not get addicted

Due to lack of toxicity, or in other words, absence of nicotine, which is highly addictive, there is no probability of addiction if you consume Nicotine free Vape Juice in Australia. Indeed, it is a fact that non-nicotine e-juice is not derived from tobacco, and that is the reason, no matter how frequently you vape, you NEVER get addicted.  

It does not show up in nicotine tests 

Do you know that there are employers who have put into effect zero-nicotine rules in their offices? These blokes would conduct random nicotine tests on their employees. You need to be assured that these e-juices never show up in those nicotine tests, no matter when they are conducted.

Take nicotine break and vape 

It is quite common for the consumers of nicotine to go overboard at times – intentionally or accidentally – more so when they are still to know their limits.

Well, it’s never a welcome feeling. Well, these e-juices would come to the rescue of these souls. They can take a leave from nicotine – just to get overcome the symptoms of too much nicotine but can still vape these e-juices to pacify their smoking craving. And this will not do any harm to them.

The throat finds then smoother

Yes! They strike a bonhomie with the throat. There is no issue of a throat hit when you vape these non-nicotine e-juices. They go down smoothly and give you that Stoney feeling in your brain and your threat still doesn’t complain.

That’s great news! That is the reason these juices sale so much in every vape shop in Sydney CBD. These juices will let you enjoy the flavour, feel the warmth, and puff out clouds of smoke, but sans that customary Stoney sensation of nicotine in your throat!

The Nil nic juices are good for tricks

Most of the vapers would like to add some pizzazz to exhale at some time point.  Just give a thought – rings of smoke are the oldest trick in the smoking book! Who hasn’t tried those smokey O’s while vaping? If you want to be good at it, you need to work hard and repeatedly. Here again, the zero-nic vaper juices excel as they do not hurt the throat. You can practice, practice and practice till you are good at it! And your throat is still at ease!

They satisfy the sweet tooth with lesser guilt

A surprisingly high number of vapers would tell that vaping has helped them to reduce mindless consumption of sugar and hence, reducing calories. Hence you see, depending upon the circumstances, vaping may actually be beneficial to health and for the person with diabetes, vaping sans nicotine will satisfy a sweet tooth. It will also help to minimize the need to take riskier things.



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