7 Ripper Interior Painting Concepts for your Bedroom


While paint washing, people often fall short of ideas, making a mess of the entire investment. Well, this is one of the reasons why one needs to opt for a reputed, seasoned company that will provide valuable tips. Still, all said and done, it is always helpful to keep in mind a few fruitful ideas well in advance to come out with the best interior house painting results, especially when it comes to painting bedrooms.

Though there are specific rules of painting bedrooms, you need to pay heed to your aesthetic preferences at first. Still, here are some ideas that you may like:

Wall moulding…

If you are adventurous, ask your Melbourne painters to add some depth by applying rectangular or square wall moulding before painting. It will add an unexampled dimensional effect to the bedroom. Generally, bright colours are good at moulding as it creates a contrast.

Stripes and Patterns…

Painting a striped uniform pattern horizontally will add variation with depth in your bedroom. Again, going for contrast stripes will help a lot.


Going for metallic is another option if the room is on the darker side. It will add a warm and comforting sheen to the walls. However, to bring in the desired effect, you will need a number of coats to apply.

Painting the ceiling

Paint the ceiling will add visual depth. Paint the bed’s headboard wall as an outstretched line, which continues till the ceiling.it will bring in a canopy effect. Adding stripes on the ceiling will also add depth to the room.

Lighting Effect… 

Go for a lighter shade on one side and compensate it with a darker shade on its opposite end and then opt for a wall dimmer switch. It will create an altogether different mood.

Adding one of the shades of grey 

Go grey, if you like a minimalistic look and feel to your bedroom, more so if you are to add latest high tech gadgets. These sleek gadgets go well with grey.

“Yellowing’ the room…

Adding yellow will add a tinge of intellectuality and abstractness to your bedroom. It will make the room highly charismatic and relaxing, with the abstractness, which gives that relaxing feeling to the mind. However:

  • Put yellow on one wall
  • Darken the yellow tone more towards golden, to add a rich, inviting tinge
  • Use yellow bedding and accessories to support the walls

While these are the significant patterns that your Melbourne house painter can go for, the other shades are orange, blue, mocha black and green. Well, that does not mean you cannot go beyond this when painting your bedroom. The sky is the limit, and you have to have that innovative and creative tinge in you.



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