8 Ways from Pros to Add a Structural Beam to Load Bearing Walls


Load bearing walls are one of the most crucial parts in a home. However, people often remove it with the help of pros in order to gain more living space.  

In such a case, these experts normally advise adding a structural wall beam to the load bearing wall.

Here’s how they do this.

  1. Getting some Lifting Equipment

Any structural beam, such as the LVL beams are seriously heavy. The pros take the help of some lifting equipment in order to work with it.

  1. Removing the Drywall

You must turn off all the electrical circuits in the wall for this. The drywall is to be slightly hit so that the empty spots can be located. Then, your pro wall removers would strip the drywall off from both the sides.

  1. Cutting Out a Ceiling Slot

Pro wall removers will cut off a strip of the ceiling from a side of the drywall. This measure is to be carefully done so that the cutter doesn’t hit or slice off any internal wiring or cables.

  1. Removing the Old Studs

This process is to be done with proper attention and seriousness. The old studs are removed using a sledge. The nails are removed immediately as accidents may happen for them.

  1. Time to Remove the Backer Stud

Well, it is again a complicated task. Although less complex than adding the backer studs at the time of load bearing wall building in Perth, removal of these studs has to begin with cutting the nails and prying them out. However, the pros then cut only half of the backer stud to get it removed.

  1. Installing the Beam Cradle

Two of these beam cradles are installed at the hollow space of the load bearing wall. The beams are screwed to the tie plate.

  1. Positioning It

The beam is to be set and fixed in the correct position. Professionals may cut the beam and the notches to clear up the tie plates from the adjoining walls.

  1. The Installation of Blocking

The blocking is cut so that it fits between floor joists. It is installed there directly under the trimmers by experts from wall building in Fremantle with patience. The toe-nails and end-nails are then used to fix the structure rigidly.

To Conclude

Keep in mind that you need pro assistance. Adding a structural beam should never be a DIY project.

After all, your safety matters the most.



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