A Brief Account of the Various Rolling Paper Size for You to Understand


Commercially, rolling papers for cigarettes used in different sizes. Fromthe ancient time in Spain, people start using rolling papers of variant sizes for smoking. Though, in ancient times people used to make rolling paper with newspaper cutting, by tearing down pages from books and copies. Naturally, this is not the way of smoking and it created a lot of undesirable health issues. People feel the urgency and need for the invention of rolling paper as a safe option for smoking. And now, there are multiple brands and their variants of rolling papers have changed a lot from those times. Now, every type of smoke requires a different pattern of rolling papers.

Let’s look at some familiar tobacco rolling paper size guidance for your convenience:

11/4 size classic rolling

This is also called as ‘Spanish rolling’. This standard size of tobacco rolling papers usage is traditional and practised from centuries ago. It gets the name because it can hold up 25% of more product than single wide rolling paper. This is one of the most popular as classic rolling paper.

Single width rolling paper

Generally, the length of the single-width rolling paper is not more than 70mm. This is also very popular in tobacco smoking community. The size of the single width rolling paper slightly differs from the classic model of rolling.

King size rolling

This is the most extravagant and luxury rolling size in the world of tobacco. A king-size rolling is as big as 100mm. In the market, this is the highest standard of rolling. The name of this cigarette came from its size. Though there is a slight variance from brand to brand in the size of the rolling of king size cigarettes approximately it’sless than 110mm.


This variety of rolling size can hold a double amount of product in a single size. This is because of its width is double. That’s why the name is automatically double wide rolling. Though it is popular, a connoisseur will sometimes complain about it as being too bulky and hard to tackle while smoking. The diameter of this rolling smoke is double.

Spool rolling size

Who is not satisfied with the size of king size rolling, the can use spool size tobacco rolling. Though the width of this kind of rolling is lesser than king-size, the length is higher than king size.

Summing up

Initially, it will be confusing for people to understand all kind of rolling and how to enjoy each kind. Once you get used to it, you will what size and shape customisation is better.



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