A Brief Discussion on the Wear and Tear of Truck Tyres


When you are out with your truck on the road, there’s hardly any better friend than the tyres of your truck. Therefore, you MUST, at any cost, make sure that they are healthy. 

Remember, as per the Australian rules and regulations, the minimum legal depth of tread in tyres is 1.5 mm. Therefore, at any given point in time, you need to make sure that the depth of the treads is more than that measurement. But this is just the basic. There’s a lot more to discuss when it comes to judging the health of the tyres. 



Not Enough Tread in the Tyres of Your Truck

The treads are designed to disperse water between the surface of the road and that of the tyres. This helps to maintain a healthy grip while you drive on a wet road. When you have new tyres, the treads usually are 8 mm deep. 

As the minimum legal tread depth is 1.5 mm, a tyre having treads of lesser depth than that will increase the distance that it takes your truck to stop. Besides, it will reduce the grip level and increase the risk of aquaplaning or sliding, in wet conditions. 

The tyres also come up with small rubber bars, which run across the grooves, between the treads. They are known as wear indicators. They will caution you when the tyres are worn out. 

If the treads get worn down to these bars at any portion of the tyre, then it’s a red flag, and the tyre needs to be replaced immediately. You need to immediately summon a technician who is into the business of changing truck tyres in Sydney, amongst other things. 

Uneven Wear And Tear

If the tyres of your truck have worn down unevenly, but have not necessarily worn ‘out’, it is probably a telltale sign of a faulty suspension or steering problem. Again, you need to have your vehicle checked by a qualified technician. 

Even if your tyres perform well, you need to realign your wheels in every 12 months, to make sure there is no uneven pressure exerted on the tyres, which might unevenly wear down the tyres. 

Check If There Is Any Visible Sidewall Damage On The Tyres

You can take a hard look at the tyres of your truck for a quick inspection, even if you do not hire a professional who takes care and change tyres of trucks and other vehicles in Sydney. You can check the tyre pressure to detect any impending damage pretty early. It will reduce the probability of tyre failure. 

If you find any bulge or gash or a chuck of missing ‘flesh’ from the sidewall, it is usually the result of an impact with a pothole full of stones with sharp edges or a gutter. The cut is bound to make the tyre unworthy down the time and render it unsafe to use. Indeed, you need to have the tyre changed immediately. 

Another sign you should check for is crazing or a meshwork of tiny cracks on the sidewall of the tyres. This is the impact of intense sunlight, and sea breeze have on the tyre, because of the high percentage of ozone present. If you are running your truck too frequently, and you have to drive the vehicle to areas by the sea too often, these are signs you need to look for, in particular. 



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