A Discourse on Ensuring Security and Safe Parking of Your Caravan


Caravans are the most targeted vehicle among the miscreants that could spoil your outings. Hence, the car owners are adopting new means to secure their newly brought caravans near Sutherland region. In this article, you will come to know some security devices and the parking location that can ensure a certain level of security to make caravan and its content safe from the intruders. Let’s go through the devices first.


  • Hitch Mechanism: It is one of the popular methods that deter the thieves from making the vehicle unable to move. Such locking mechanism is quite easy to install, and it is a good option, for quick stops that provide longer storage and stays.
  • Proper Door Lock: This is an option may sound obvious to you to secure a vehicle. Well, it is worth enhancing the existing the vehicle lock to ensure more security to the caravan. This can make things more difficult for the intruders to break into your camping vehicle.
  • The Alarm System and Use of Chains: The modern alarms come with built-in siren would noise if they are removed or tampered. Such alarm system is a lot useful when you go for touring, and you could use, it as a deterrent. In the market, you will find a range of alarms in different prices.
  • Wheel Locking Mechanism: The wheel lock work by fitting between the spikes on your camping caravan that ultimately stop them from turning. They can provide the effective security mechanism to most of the modern vehicles and the best suitable for longer stays. It is quite difficult to install this locking mechanism as easily as hitch locks.
  • Security Posts into the Ground: Security posts get concreted to the ground having a fine base and then you can use hitch locks to secure your camping van to the security posts.
  • Wheel Clamps: The caravan needs not be raised off from the ground to fit the wheel lock and that, is makes it easier to use than other security locks. Wheel clamps are useful as an extra precaution, when parking your van with wheel locks.
  • Install a Tracking Device Beforehand: Even if you ensure utmost security to your vehicle, sometimes thieves find their way to take your vehicle. Hence, instead of being totally dependent on the locking devices, install a tracking mechanism that can assist you to recover the caravan. GPS tracking or sophisticated movement sensors will allow you to track your devices in real time.

Apart from using security measures, parking location is another important aspect to ensure the security of your camping van.

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  • Home Parking: Depending on your holiday lifestyle, this could often be used or 2-3 times in a year. If you are a frequent traveller, then parking caravan at your own parking lot is a good idea. Here, you should also ensure the security of your vehicle by installing security gate or floodlights.
  • Caravan Parking: Some caravan parking will allow you to park your camping van, when it is not in use for a long time. This could be an ideal solution if you visit the parking site almost regularly and also don’t use vehicle frequently.

Lastly, when you use dedicated caravan parking site, know about their insurance policies to store your camping van and don’t forget to vacant and lock its door and windows.



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