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Tips that Help Safe Driving in Storm

Summer storms are quite frequent in Melbourne. In fact, every summer, the city lives up to its reputation of experiencing four seasons in a single day, as it braces for thunderstorms and high winds that get as fast and as violent as hails following spells of hot, humid summer conditions each year. Hence, you will likely be caught in one of these notorious Melbourne storms, when you start driving after attaining your license. Here are a few tips in advance that will make your life at the wheel trifle easier during those stormy moments.

Put your focus on the road ahead

Inevitably, when you have a storm to negotiate it is not the time to drive with the music system on. You need to focus on the road ahead.

These are the moments that demand the fullest concentration from you and impeccable cruise control, which will help you to negotiate fast-changing scenarios outside. This is the moment, when all the knowledge that your instructor of the driving school in Melbourne has taught you, will come in handy. The knowledge will help you to respond to the hazards and eventuality in a more prompt and perfect way.

Driving Slowly

This may sound like an obvious suggestion. However, speeding in a storm is quite a few steps ahead towards fatality and hence, is a strict NO-NO! In fact, this is the first and foremost of the tips any driving instructor in Melbourne would give.  It is imperative that you ease up on your accelerator, and drive at a speed that you rationally find appropriate to the prevailing conditions. Look at the traffic outside and see if you are driving faster than them. If so, not all of them can be wrong together. Slow down, drive at par with them, and go with the flow. It will kill a few minutes, but make things safer.

Drive in a Defensive manner

You cannot alter the actions of the other drivers around you, but you can surely control yourself. Hence, in these conditions, you need to stay alert and then be on your own. This is called defensive driving, which reduces the probability of mishaps in these ‘unfriendly’ circumstances.

Therefore, these are some of the tips, which trainers of any better driving school in Melbourne would have for you. Stick to them if you are to get the better of the road conditions that prevail when you are caught in a storm. In fact, that is why it is essential that you take training from a reputed school that will teach you these driving basics.



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