A Guide to Buy “Healthy” Takeaway Food


Are you aware of the healthy ways to buy fast food? As incongruous as it might sound now, let us tell you that your takeaway dishes do not necessarily have to be all about arbitrarily adding on kilojoules of calories.

Today, you will be offered with some interesting tips with the help of which you can select the healthiest of takeaway food without having to fret over calories.

Fast Food: Our Craving for Fast Food

Let’s face it- some situations compel even the most health-conscious foodies out there to turn to fast food. You are preparing your healthy treats every day at home. However, what about those difficult days after work?

Days when you are just not feeling well? Sore muscles, muscle pain or a headache, owing to hours of sitting in front of your computers? What about those days (maybe once in a few months) when you just want to indulge in guilt-free gluttony? These are the days when it’s the best to turn to take away food in Mornington. There, of course, are various reasons for the same:

  • Mornington is one of those places known for the yummiest delights
  • The restaurants serve food that’s light in your pocket
  • The takeaway from the Thai restaurants are a rage because they are fresh and natural on your health

Tips to buy the healthiest of food

Now, let us start off ways in which you can pick the healthiest of choices while buying takeaway food. The very first factor that you should prioritise is the place serving the food. Yes. It is essential to figure out if the restaurant is informing you about the nutritional value of every item delivered from there. Some of the best picks out there would be the ones having:

  • Over 20-gram protein
  • Less than 2500 kilojoule (less than 1700 is recommended for those trying to lose weight)
  • Less than 500 gm sodium
  • Less than 20g total fat
  • Over 5g saturated fat

Another trick would be to order a small portion of the main course and opt for a side salad. If you are ordering Thai main courses like Thai Curry Puff or Peek Gai Tod, or Keown Krob or Goong Hom Paa, they can be teamed up with Thai salads like Yum Num Tok, Yum talay or original Thai salad consisting of tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, onion and capsicum. If needed, you can do away with the chicken or beef or pork dressing.

Last but not the least

You might as well be too eager to get your hands on the yummiest delights from the best, but it does help to research your options in the first place. Make sure you are researching the credentials of the food restaurant in Mornington thoroughly before accessing food items. Just take time out to investigate the reputation of the restaurant when it comes to delivering the freshest of food items.



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