A Guide to Use Natural Lighting in Product Photography


Are you a product photographer? Are you trying your hands on photography for the first time? Those who are new in the block of photography might not know the aesthetic of natural light and how it impacts product photography? Before you are starting on product photography you should know one thing that this photograph puts a value to a ‘product’. A single picture of a particular product can manipulate the market.

There are certain aspects of the product photography that you might want to know more. Such as natural lighting is one of the most less discussed yet cardinal concepts of photography.

Product photography

Here are some detailed discussions on natural light’s impact on product photography.

Make the Optimal Use of Sunlight:

Suppose you are shooting in the brightest day under sunlight.  Take advantage of having a sunny day. Highlights features which you want people to get attracted to.

Learn the Concepts of Using Sunlight in Photography:

Front Light Photography: Front lighting photography is when the light focuses on the subject. When clicking product pictures like jewelry, or ornaments, photographers use front lighting or flat lighting.

Backlight: When the subject is illuminated from behind, you can call it to backlight photography.

Use Reflection and Shadows:

The art of photography lies in the fact that how you utilise the reflection and shadows in the product display. Product photographers use reflectors and control the amount of light they want to reflect through it. Brisbane based product photographers charge extra if they use reflectors and backlights for a shot.

Use a Suitable Background:

When you are hiring product photographers, they will use a suitable backdrop according to the needs of the natural light optimisation. Generally, photographers use a white backdrop as white reflects the light better than any other colour.

Outdoor Scenic Photography:

Do you want to use the sunlight as props? Especially in food photography, sunlight works like wonder. Although you can’t change the direction of the sunlight in a product photo, you can control the amount of brightness you want to capture in the frame. As a photographer, you should be keen on knowing things like what time is best for sunlight photography, at what time the Sun falls in which corner etc. Professional photographers use diffuser techniques to cut down on extreme sunlight and get the exact shot they have thought.


As natural light is considered in photography as authentic light, you don’t have to add on many things in professional photography. 

‘You should always know that ’photography is all about the art of capturing lights’.



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