A Simple Maintenance Guide for Your Motorhomes in Perth


If you are in Perth and have recently brought a Fiat or Mercedes motorhome, you will need to keep it in running condition. So, today we will discuss a few steps that will help you to do so. All you have to do is to check the inner components. And if they are in perfect condition, you need not worry.

So, let’s check out the steps now.

  • Checking the fluid levels

You will need to keep your vehicle’s fluid level to the full as it will help the components inside the vehicle’s engine to function properly.

Among these fluids, the engine oil and the coolant are the two essential things that you will need to monitor regularly and you should use only the best-quality oil and coolant for the engine as the viscosity of these liquids affects the operability and stability of the engine.

Speaking of fluids, checking the brake oil in the Mercedes sprinter motorhomes in Perth once in a while is also necessary.

  • Checking the air filtration

In the second step, you will need to check if the air filters of your vehicle are working perfectly. Else, you will need to get them replaced by a mechanic.

The filtration system is placed in the airbox and is being attached with spring clips and to replace them you will need to detach the clips. Inside, you will find the flat panel air filters. Now, after removing the filters clean the dust and debris to achieve a smoother and better filtration.

You should clean the filters once in a while because a blocked filter can substantially reduce engine performance and when you are replacing them, buy quality filters that are durable so that the Fiat motorhomes in Perth always stay in a working condition.

  • Checking the oil filter

In the third step, checking the oil filters becomes essential.

So, unscrew the drain plug and take the filters out of the system. When you are doing this, the oil will be draining out naturally, so, you need to have a canister where the oil will fall and from there you can pour it back to the oil tank.

  • Checking the lights

Finally, you need to check the lights because without them you cannot drive your motorhomes at night or when the visibility is low.

If any of the light bulbs are not working properly, the only solution is to replace them. You can do it yourself or by calling a professional who repairs Mercedes sprinter motorhomes in Perth and at affordable prices.



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