AC Not Working…? 4 Possible Causes For This Inconvenience!


With the arrival of Spring, the temperatures are heating up Down-Under. And after being dormant for the whole of winter; you may be wondering if your AC may be ready to perform as before.

Truth be told, it is not too difficult to know when your air-conditioner is not working at full efficiency. But why most homeowners cannot figure it out before, is due to their sheer negligence and a tad bit of inexperience.

However, don’t worry about that. Here you will learn all about 4 possible reasons why your reliable air conditioner is not functioning as well as it ought to.

i. “Absence of COOL Air.”

Even when blasting air from its vents; you notice that your air conditioner is not giving out cool air. One reason could be a malfunctioned compressor, but possible causes may exist.

This is never good for the longevity of your unit and your monthly energy consumption bill. So, quickly get in touch with a top-rated residential air conditioning service provider in Sydney and call in their experts to check it out.

ii. “Water/Moisture Accumulating Where It Should Not.”

Air conditioners, be it commercial units or residential are designed to remain dry at all times. But if what you experience is the complete opposite of it — meaning if you notice water or moisture accumulation at places where it should not,
then you may have a problem.

This could be due to a leak in the refrigerant. Moreover, refrigerant leaks can cause a lot of other health risks if they are left unattended. They need to be repaired immediately, and that’s exactly what you should look to do by hiring residential air conditioning repair specialists serving Sydney and its suburbs.

iii. “Metallic Screeching, Grinding & Banging Noises.”

When your reliable AC starts making strange metallic screeching, grinding and banging noises- it means that there could be some internal part that may need repairing or replacing. Again, if you leave this unchecked, it could result in a costly malfunction.

iv. “Weird Odour.”

As per notable AC repair technicians in Sydney– if you come across a foul, pungent smell coming out from your cooling unit, then it is a clear sign that your unit may require professional repair soon. This could be due to the
unit’s wire insulation getting burned out.

Furthermore, if you come across a musty smell coming out from your AC vents, it indicates that there is the existence of mould inside the ductwork or unit. You should get it checked out by an experienced repair technician serving your area before
the issue escalates into something serious.

So, now you are aware of those common causes of why your AC has gone on the fritz. If you come across any of these problems, call in the experts ASAP!



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