Aiming For A Well-Designed Outdoor Kitchen-BBQ?



The post presents homeowners with some smart tips to create a perfect outdoor BBQ kitchen. The relevant aspects are explained lucidly below!To so many homeowners, an outdoor kitchen denotes an embodiment of luxury and sophistication. It also represents the quality of their taste and perspective of luxurious living space- both indoors and outdoors!

Think of yourself (with either your girlfriend or close mates) flipping burgers or baking delicious pizza over the fire as you sip wine or beer. It gives you a perfect extension to bring your cooking skills out amidst Mother Nature and cherish every moment with your loved ones!

Impressed…? You should be. It is a very popular trend amongst many homeowners Down-Under mainly because the Aussies love spending quality time outdoors. So, if you want to incorporate an outdoor kitchen to your property, then you will need to keep in mind these important aspects.

“Start With The Layout & Do Consider Your Surrounding Space.”

The first key aspect when planning for an outdoor kitchen is the layout. Usually, an outdoor kitchen is defined by walls, doors, windows and comfortable space inside for people to move around freely.If you wish to go with the popular trend then opting for L-shaped kitchen designs with a room division in your area is a good choice.  Convey this to your chosen landscaping design expert serving in Hawthorn.With their expert opinion and planning; you can figure out the best spots for hot and cold zones as well as the matching colours and textures to complement the outdoor kitchen style with the property landscape.

“Always Set Achievable Priorities.”

It is no surprise to state that outdoor kitchens can consume a lot of space. And, at most times, it is the fault of the homeowners who tend to get carried away in sorting their needed appliances. Don’t make this mistake. Plan beforehand, preferably with your landscape design expert in Malvern about the number of pizza oven, burner, refrigerator, sink, mixer, dishwasher, BBQ unit and even rotisserie. 

Never look to make it so that the outdoor kitchen is dominating most of your outdoor space. Meaning- stick to a simplified design with only the appliances you want. It will make the design more pleasing to the eye.

“Extra Inclusions For The Outdoor Kitchen Design.”

The whole point of adding an outdoor kitchen is not to enjoy Sunday BBQs or other savoury meals with friends and family. It is also to boost up your property’s landscape aesthetics and make it a fun spot for everyone to relax, laugh, eat and enjoy!

So, speak to your chosen landscape design professional about possible inclusions. As the basics; you can:-

1. Add 4-5 chairs and one long table right in the centre of the deck foundation and also request the landscape designer to add a barrier or wall around the whole outdoor kitchen area.

2. Think of adding external bench-tops to the internal kitchen area. However, do check whether the benchtop is suited to outdoor use or not.

3. Ensure the whole structure and design of the kitchen match the one in the house. Or else it would merely appear to be an afterthought. 

4. As much as it may be tempting to buy cheap-quality appliances, be sure to use appliances that can withstand wear and tear when exposed to the elements.

5. Invest in good and smart lighting as they may serve a dual purpose of illuminating your outdoor kitchen and creating a nice soft ambience to your property space. Some options you can go for include solar-powered accent lights, quality LEDs and even some stylish candles to present it a more serene appearance.

Whatever be your customised requirement, be sure to discuss it with your chosen landscaping service provider in Melbourne. Having heaps of professional experience; they will guide you through the whole construction process and ensure your finished outdoor kitchen turns out to be a specimen worth praising.



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