Airport Transfer Services Are Always at the Top of Their Toes


My Virgin Australia flight, VA 986 from Melbourne, landed on time at Sydney airport at around 2154 hours. I had my colleague Chris Vallery with me, who stays at Engadine off Pendlebury Park at the Ninth Avenue, where it meets Orchid Street. 

I am a resident of Cronulla, staying it Gerrale Street, near Cronulla Beach. Hence, I had booked a provider of private airport services in shire that would drop Chris in Cronulla and then drop me to Engadine. So I wanted to hire the service provider that has services in Cronulla as well as in Engadine.

The Arrival

When we arrived in Sydney and found our airport shuttle cab driver Pedro waiting with his cab at the T2 arrival terminal gateway. Off we drove in a jiffy and took the A1 motorway for Engadine. It was a 24 something km drive and took 35 minutes or so, to drop Chris. 



And then I continued my journey for my home in Cronulla. Pedro continued with the A1 motorway, and I was elated, having finally taken the way to my home. It ought to be a sweet homecoming, after a fortnight and I was already thinking my six-year-old kid Ben when disaster struck! 

The Mishap Narrowly Averted

A road train was right ahead of us a couple of yards from us, and it suddenly swerved and turned in one of its sides and with a huge bang, crashed against a few cars that were coming the opposite way, and finally rested after crashing against a huge sign, which came crashing down under the impact with a huge bang. 

The Way Round

Within a minute it was carnage, and I was awe-struck, and it was mayhem. But then Pedro showed me why it is always a better option to hire an airport shuttle service to go to Engadine or in any other place. 

He took to a service lane that ran along with A1 motorway and took successive turns left and right back to back and brought the car to a road called Erang Avenue. From there took what was called the Corfella Road that led to President Avenue, which runs straight to Cronulla. From there on, reaching my home was a piece of a piss..thanks to Pedro. 

The Moral of the Story

So, the bottom line is that hiring Sydney Airport Transfer to go to Cronulla or any other place always gives you edge, as these blokes have a thorough knowledge of all the primary and secondary routes to your destination. In the event of any issue, they will take these alternative routes to get you to your destination without any problem, like what Pedro did to me. 



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