All about Colonic Hydrotherapy – A Detailed Guide and Overview


The large intestine, also commonly known as the colon, is located at the end of our digestive tract and plays a vital role in the proper functioning of our body. With a diameter of 2.5 inches, and length of 5 feet, the main function of the colon is to absorb the water and mineral content in food items, as well as the preparation and excretion of faeces on a daily basis. But sometimes, due to any underlying physiological disorders, or because of a poor diet, the entire bowel function gets interrupted and hindered. Problems like constipation followed by colitis are quite common when the normal bowel function is compromised. That is where colonic hydrotherapy or colonics in Adelaide come into the picture.

Colonics in Adelaide
                 Colonics in Adelaide

Colon cleaning through hydrotherapy becomes an absolute necessity when you are suffering from constipation or impaired bowel functions. The process primarily involves a simple colon wash to remove stored or hardened faecal matter. The process is quite simple and easy to comprehend. Let us take a look at the steps involved:

  • A medical counsellor will first sit with you to find out about your physical problems, and also ascertain through counselling in Adelaide Hills the period for which you have been constipated. This is the diagnosis stage of the problem.
  • Filtered and temperature-regulated water is then introduced into your colon, which softens and loosens the faecal matter stored up in your colon.
  • Once the water has been introduced, your bowel will automatically get cleared of any waste material through natural peristalsis, and your stomach will feel light once again. This same process of colon hydrotherapy is repeated over and over again until the entire colon has been cleared.

You might think that colonic hydrotherapy is something new and unique, but you could not be further from the truth. In fact, as far as medical history goes, the first natural hydrotherapy was performed almost 3500 years ago. Since then, several doctors, physicians and medical experts have chosen colonics over every other method of cleaning the bowel. From the early days of 1500 BC to 2017 AD, the advent of technology, coupled with the various innovations that have taken place in the medical field, have made colonic hydrotherapy into a one-of-a-kind treatment option for all bowel related problems. But each and every medical expert or counsellor suggests that you take part in a daily workout or exercise routine so as to allow your colon to function properly. Being on a workout regime also ensures that the process of hydrotherapy goes as smoothly as possible.

Let us now take a look at the various functions and purposes that can be achieved with colonics:

  • Our colon is home to more than 6 to 13 pounds of faecal matter, along with a total of 23 to 24 types of parasites. Colon hydrotherapy helps to prevent any and every disease such as cancer, allergies and headache, which are caused by the parasites and the stored up faecal matter.
  • When faecal gets stored in your intestine, your body becomes a breeding ground for toxins of all sorts. These toxins are harmful in nature and can cause many physiological disorders. The best possible way to get rid of these toxins is to go for a colon wash or colon cleansing.


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