An Instance That Proves the Efficacy of City Transfer Service Providers


My 80-year old mom was visiting me from Canberra. Her Tiger Airways flight was to land at the Tullamarine Airport at the wee hours of a chilly May morning. It was a weekday, and it was almost impossible for my wife and me to go and receive her at the airport! At 80, she is not frail for sure – for in that case, she would not be able to visit me all by her own. However, she is not that stout as well – quite obviously though!

And Canberra is not a neighbour of Melbourne after all. But still, she said she would manage, and I kept my fingers crossed, for I was always sceptical about her being able to come all the way along to Melbourne and then to Dandenong at my place. Then, getting a taxi at the early hours of the morning can at times be quite a task, more so for my mom.

My wife did the best thing – and I owe so much to her for that. She ordered a taxi hire service, and that did the trick for my mom!

The service was prompt and punctual

After my wife had booked the service from the official website, she was able to track the location of the vehicle throughout, and it showed the car arrived well in advance before the arrival of my mom’s flight at the airport. The chauffeur of the company that offers taxi hire service in Dandenongthe one that my wife Martha had hired,  was extremely cordial and he went all out to assist my mom get into the vehicle with whatever luggage she had. She has always travelled light, though! Therefore, that proved the punctuality and professionalism of the service provider.

We could track it throughout

The service provider has an excellent app in place, on its official website. And this helped us keep a track on the movement of the vehicle as we stayed in constant touch with my mom as she started her journey from the airport. We knew that she was safe, until….disaster struck!!!

The chauffeur was so well conversant with alternative routes

YES!! That is what can be said about the chauffeur and rightly so. En route to our place at Dandenong from the airport, she was supposed to take the M2-M1 motorway. However, as she was nearing the halfway mark, got past the Melbourne Zoo, and got by the Stubbs Street, somewhere in between Citylink and the West Melbourne, a truck carrying liquid Nitrogen malfunctioned and overturned, blocking the road and strewing the road with the hazardous liquefied gas.

Now, this is something we never expected, but here again, the chauffeur proved his brilliance. He took a diversion, followed some alternative routes and still managed to ferry my mom right on time at my place by the Kings Street in Dandenong.

So that was something special, and I am really elated.  So these airport taxi hire service providers in Keysborough, Dandenong or any other place are professional, sincere, punctual, and offer the best vehicles driven by the most competent chauffeurs and that makes all the difference!



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