Are there Bubbles in your Car Window Tint? Tips to Remove It


Tinting the car windows may not seem to be a costly affair, but it bothers a lot if bubbles start appearing on the car window just after you have got the tinting done. Both the quotient of attractive appearance and protection is compromised.

As the car owner, you should be paying attention to this issue so that your investment does not go in vain. And, it can occur even if you rely on a professional car window tinting service for it. However, the chances are less if you choose to go with the experts instead of doing it yourself.

Let’s focus on the possible reasons for these bubbles to appear and the ways to remove it permanently.

Water, Air and Dirt – The Common Reasons for Bubbles

Water bubbles are the most common one. The professionals of car window tinting in Frankston give a thorough wipe to the car windows at first. And, in most of cases, they use water or cleaning chemicals. The water, if not wiped out properly, may cause the bubble. Usually, the water gets evaporated in 10-15 days. If not, the tint application was not proper.

Then, there is the presence of air which can cause bubble formation. It happens in most of the cases when you go for dealing with it all by yourself. Leave it to the professionals, and if there is any trace of an air bubble, the professionals will make sure that those are gone.

Presence of dirt on the car window during tint application can not only cause a problem with the appearance of bubbles, but it can affect the adhesion quality as well.

Quick Steps to Get rid of the Tint Bubbles

Well, the very step you need to take in this case is to hire specialists of car tinting in Berwick who will make sure the tint is clear and free from all types of bubbles. However, if it has already appeared, here are some hacks to deal with it.

Step 1: Don’t panic or start to think your money has gone down. If you have opted for a professional service, it must have warranty coverage. So, everything will be fine.

Step 2: If you are doing it yourself, consider making it both warm and moist in a natural way. After a while, take a sharp and straight needle to prick the bubble. Just touch it and remove it. Don’t try to make a whole.

Step 3: Take a credit card, and gradually move it through the bubble in 45 degrees. Don’t rub the card on the film. Or else, you will end up damaging the tint quality. Lastly, use a lint-free cloth to check whether the bubbles are still there or not.

If you are not feeling confident enough in removing the bubbles, leave it to the industry experts, and they will get it done for you.

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