Are You Feeling Tired All the Time? Methods to Check Your Health


Even if you exercise well and following a healthy diet, there are times when you feel low or depressed in life. So, have you ever considered why does it happen so? Upon a visit to your doctor, it will be apparently found that everything is ok with your body, i.e., you are good in weight, have fat muscles, but still, you report doctor that you feel low every day.

No doubt, revealing an unrecognised cause need your blood to be tested to find the reason for illness. Even, followed by a blood test, live blood analysis practitioners in Adelaide may ask you to check the body mass and overall health that you should not ignore.

Live Blood Analysis

This testing procedure measures your body composition. Here is the step by step procedure follows while conducting live blood analysis:

  • Analysis of Red Blood Cells: The flat, dehydrated cells are ones with no nutrients, and that is associated with the deficiency of B12 and iron, which is the main reason why you feel tired.
  • White Blood Cell Counts: After checking red blood cells, white blood cells are counted. In an overall, the blood cells will do what they do, but the low number of lymphocytes suggests an early stage of infection.

In brief, you should know a live blood analysis focus on the quality of the fluid and cells, instead of the quantity of the cells.

blood analysis

Body Composition Test

You may have tried a number of times to know how much fat you have accumulated over the time. In case you are thinking to turn to the Body Mass Index, you must know it is an inaccurate way to find whether you are under or overweight. An experienced naturopath connects leads to feet and hands and passes low voltage current through the body. With such test, it informs you the hydration levels, cellular age and fat-to-muscle ratio.

VLA Scanning

It is also known as Bioimpedance test, which denotes vitality, longevity and healthy aging. Ultimately, the health analysis provides highly accurate assessment for your overall health. VLA test gives a complete picture of patient’s health and accordingly develops the treatment plan and tracking of progress of individual health.

Bioimpedance test

For all such tests, when your blood sample is analysed, the physician will find the cause of your ill-health. So, the benefits you will get-

  • Cause of Imbalance: The general physician will prescribe you some synthetic pills thinking you are absolutely fit and you only need a boost. Well, even if you follow the general instruction, you will find disturbing symptom yet again. With live blood analysis, VLA and body composition test, you will get to know the cause of the problem without playing a long try and error method conducted by some inexperienced practitioners.
  • The Entire Process is Simple and Reliable: The analysis of blood live and scanning your well-being is simple, fast and efficient. To conduct the procedure of live blood analysis, the blood is collected from the veins and then it is taken under the microscope to examine the red and white blood cells.

Lastly, the complete cure or fitness is possible only when you and your consultant are aware of what is causing the real problem to your body.

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