Are You Still Believing in the Rumours About Electronic Cigarettes and Vaping?


electronic cigarettes

Everyone has their share of opinions about vaping! And unfortunately, most of those opinions are being developed based on some strong baseless, false perceptions. Moreover, the rumours about the e-cigarettes and that of vaping are mostly spread by those who have probably never tried it. Some of those are absolutely misguiding in every way possible and discouraging for the interested vaping enthusiasts.

So, before you decide to switch your choice to vaping other than smoking the traditional tobacco cigarettes, it is essential to clear all your doubts. Then you can go shopping for the best e cigarette starter kit in UK meant for people who love vaping more than anything else.

What are the most common myths about vaping and electronic cigarettes? Let’s find out.

“E-cigarettes contain nicotine.”

Well, it is probably the most common myths of all. People who will find you switched your choice to electronic cigarette may tell you that you are not making any different by quitting the factory made paper cigarettes as both of these contain nicotine.

Well, in reality, the claim is entirely false. Be it tar, nicotine or carbon monoxide that is generated as tobacco burns – nothing is present in electronic cigarettes. It is run by rechargeable battery and contains a liquid (sometimes flavoured) that becomes the smoke because of heat generation through the battery. It is as simple as this.

“Vaping will fill the lung with water.”

This is a ridiculous myth you have probably heard about vaping. As you are inhaling water vapour, people tend to think that the lungs are getting filled with the water you are inhaling. Is it believable! Everyone knows that the vape is mainly water vapour. When you drag it into your lungs, most of it gets absorbed within the lungs, and as you leave the smoke through your mouth, the rest of the vapour goes out. So, relax! Not a single drop of water is getting filled in your lungs in any way.

“E-liquids are extremely harmful.”

Before start believing in this myth, you need to ask yourself one thing. Do you know the components of e-liquids? The best vape liquid in UK contains elements like propylene glycol or glycerine along with a hint of flavour in it, and there is no harm in inhaling it while smoking the electronic cigarettes. So, if you have always believed that e-liquids are causing immense damage to your health that was even worse than the tobacco cigarettes, you need to snap out of it right now.

“E-cigarettes can cause an explosion.”

The same lithium-ion batteries are used for the e-cigarettes that are being used in mobile phones. These batteries are manufactured in a way so that it does not bring any harm to the device as well as the customers. It will remain entirely safe for you if you follow a few rules.

Use an insulated case for keeping the batteries separated from the device when not in use. Overcharging your batteries is not a good idea as well. Know the exact timing of replacing the batteries after a period. Follow these simple steps, and no such unfortunate events will ever occur.

So mates, now as you are out of your doubts, you can visit online shops that are offering with some fantastic collection of e-cigarettes in an amazing price range.



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