Ask These 4 Questions to Your Taxi Service Provider in Melbourne


Taking up taxi services is the most convenient form of travel, be it for city tours or wanting to catch up an early morning flight. Their easy availability, punctuality in pick-ups and pocket-convenient fares- makes it a beauty bottler for daily commuters.

But here’s a question for you cobber– How do you Know Which One is Dardy for Your Transport?

Here are four questions that you should ask your chosen taxi service provider before booking.  Take a gander!

Question 1: Are You a Licensed Agency

The first question to ask is whether they are a licensed company or not. This means checking is if their drivers are experienced and also insured. Plus also request the service provider to show you some legal permits as proof.

Question 2: Do You Charge As Per Industry Standards?

Not every taxi service charges honestly. At times these fraudulent agencies rip off your wallets. But a dinki-di silver cab service in Melbourne will never make you pay more than necessary. They will always keep their fares as per the accepted rates in the industry.

Request for price quotes and compare it with other dardy service providers in the region. This will clear out if the rates charged by your chosen agency adhere to market standards or not.

Question 3: What’s The Condition of Your Vehicle?

Ride comfort and safety are crucial for a good service experience, and so you should ask your service provider about the condition of their vehicles. Quality taxi providers will maintain their vehicles regularly and keep it in top condition.

Air-conditioned cabins, comfortable seats, safety specs, quality audio systems and tinted glass for your privacy- all include in their vehicles. So asking these questions to your taxi service provider is important.

Questions 4: Do You Have Rules For Account Set-Up?

Lastly; you should check with your taxi service provider in Melbourne about the possibilities of setting up an account. This is more so if you intend to travel regularly with them.

The benefit it brings is that you can track your travelling expense, get duplicate copies of your tax invoices, and also not worry about hidden costs. So inquire about this aspect too.
When sorting out a duck’s guts taxi service provider, remember to ask these questions. It will help you avoid a dog’s breakfast situation.



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