Autumn Wedding Photobooth Props that your Guests Will Simply Adore


‘Tis March yet again. It is Autumn and the month of weddings!!! If you are planning to get wed in Autumn, here are some props that your guests will simply love. They will not only add a new dimension to the celebrations but will make sure that the photos clicked are really innovative in more than one way!!!

Glitz n Glamour

This is one of the classiest set of wedding props, which comes in the form of some cute cards, diamond-shaped rings and those dazzling gold foil glasses.

These props come with a metallic tinge, which gels well for a wedding with a more formal theme. If you are planning to hire a wedding photobooth company in Melbourne, just tell them about the theme you would like to have in your wedding party. The experts will arrange for the appropriate props.

Love Birds

Then again, if you are looking forward to being a bit whimsical, and would like to see your guests getting back to their teens when enjoying the photo sessions at your party, then love birds are the ideal props that will make your wedding party a fun feast.

These props come in the form of funky shapes with varying colours and mood, and they add all the more gaiety and fun to your wedding.

The Blown Away props  

If the flat props are not enough in your book, then you can go for those blown away varieties. These are inflated props, which are essentially inflated to form balloons of various sizes and shapes, colours and moods.

While some may come in the form of a diamond ring, some other may appear as rosy, seductive pair of lips, or a bottle of champagne, or the best of the neck-ties! In short, they give an altogether new look and feel, when you use them while clicking in the photo booths.

Garden Party

These are rather simplistic props that are serene in appearance and would add a stylish, yet subtle mood to the party. They are sobre-coloured props mainly in white and golden and will be appropriate for a chic garden wedding party.

So you see, when it comes to adding fitting colours and moods to your autumnal props, these are the best varieties that you need to opt for, if you are to make the most of the photobooth you have hired, from the photobooth hire company in Melbourne. In fact, when it comes to hiring these companies, it is always a wise step to opt for reputed companies, that will come up with a wide range of props for you to choose from.



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