Avoid That Cramped Up Feeling in Your Bathroom Using THESE TIPS


No one likes that cramped up feeling in their bathroom space. Not only is it inconvenient to access it, but it also deteriorates the overall décor appeal of your home. Bathroom spaces are always better when they are larger or when they appear bigger.

Plus for homeowners who are more into décor improvements; they get plenty of scope to play around with different options- something which is not so easy to do with a small-sized bathroom.

However, there are some smart tips which you can implement to eliminate this cramped space and make it appear spacious. And this post will discuss those tips in details.

  • Pick Your Colors Well: — If you don’t pick your colours properly, then they will not blend properly, and that will create a cluttered visual appeal for your bathroom space. If you wish to create a more spacious appearance, you need to work more with a single colour tone for the entire area. Yet, there is scope to use two colour combinations as long as you can blend in.

Take for example: — You can have both your ceilings and walls painted appropriately using a similar colour tone and allow it to blend with the tile colours. As for achieving contrast, you can use whatever little furniture the area permits!

  • Opt For Minimalistic Design Transitions: — For achieving proper colour transition; you should stick to minimalistic designs and patterns to make the bathroom space appear larger. Whatever patterns and shapes along with the placement you decide; make sure the visual transition is uniform and complimenting one another seamlessly.

You can opt for vivid patterns for the tiles and walls; however, do keep in mind to maintain cohesion rather than contrasts include the existing furniture.

  • Emphasise On the Lighting: — Go creative with appropriate lighting installations to avoid that cramped up feel. As per notable bathroom builder(s)/renovators serving in Wynnum:-

“A properly lit room always brings about a spacious feel to your luxury bathroom space. All you need to pick the right luxury design and plan where you want to place them.

Along with artificial LEDs, mirror lights or other lamps, you should also make proper use of natural lighting to achieve freshness and spacious feeling.”

  • Make Proper Use of Glasses & Mirrors: — If your existing bathroom lacks mirrors, look to add one or two to lend in that appropriate visual effect of spacious bathroom space. For more compelling lighting reflections, you can also add more glass elements like- glass panelled doors, glass shower frames and other similar.

In Addition To These Design Implementations…

  • Ditch the dull colour and replace it with co-related colour patterns to further brighten up the bathroom space, without overcompensating.
  • Pick a floating vanity having a single door. Doing so not only allows you more space in your bathroom but also allows you to maintain the stylish appeal of your bathing space.
  • The shower door often takes up more space and makes your bathroom more enclosed. Instead; opt for textured glass with curtains. Not only is it creative, they are flexible and allow you to save ample space.

These space-saving tips are being implemented by numerous homeowners for their customised bathroom renovations across Wynnum. You can, too!

So without delay, contact reputed renovation specialists serving throughout the area and plan out your project.



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