Basic Checklist of Car Inspection That Needs to Be Followed


You have always wondered why people take so much time when it comes to purchasing a car be it a pre-used vehicle or one that is absolutely new. The reason is buying a car involves a hefty investment and in order to ensure that the purchase turns out to be value for money, a buyer needs to be extra careful with the model they are likely to bring home.

The process gets a lot more complicated when it comes to buying a used vehicle since its essential to note the condition or drivability of the car. If your next investment is about buying a used car, consider some of the basic inspection guidelines so that you don’t end up paying for a vehicle that is on the verge of collapsing or will land you up amidst a pile of repair bills:

Car inspection checklist 

When considering a car inspection checklist, start with the following:

First things first! Walk up to the vehicle and look closely for any kind of dodgy paint works. Inspect the gaps and look for corrosive damage. Look thoroughly, open or close the doors and check the trunk. Inspect if the rubber seals around the doors are in good shape. Here are other parts of the exterior you should pay attention to:

  • When buying a used car look for the glass panels. Are they in shape? Look for cracks along the glass panels of the windows or windscreen.
  • A fundamental mechanism that will tell you if the vehicle is in good condition is its suspensions. Call up car inspections in Sydney if you are not sure of checking them. Since these are the parts which get most affected due to regular wear. For inspecting the suspension push down very corner and find out if the same rebounds to its actual position.
  • Watch out for frame damage caused by installation of external accessories. They can lead to holes which can turn out fatal for the vehicle.
  • Check all the lights and lamps along with the tires. Find out if all the tyres are the same in size. Also, don’t forget to check if the wear on the tread of a tire is evenly spread across its width. The wear should be the same on tires of both sides. Any unevenness in either of the tyres indicates reckless driving; hence requiring a replacement.
  • Check the fluid tanks for leakage, softness in hoses of a radiator and colour of the coolant.

Check out the interiors 

As you proceed towards the interior or call up for end of warranty vehicle inspections in Sydney watch out for any stains on the upholsterers, scratches on plastic or metal parts of the cabin, the air conditioner, the dashboard panel and more. Also don’t forget to consider the reading on the odometer. Less travelled cars are automatically great.

For a successful buy you can simply get a road test done. Check out the vehicle’s gear shifting abilities and whether the brakes are all good. After you have determined these few things, you can proceed making a good investment on a good car.



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