Basic Differences Between Commercial and Residential Swimming Pools



The summer is about to hit Australia in the next few months, and if you are yet to install a swimming pool in the spared zone of your property, it is the right time for the investment, indeed! However, it may seem to be quite tricky for you to choose among such a huge number of choices that are there, but eventually, you will get to learn about it. The variety of swimming pools certainly includes concrete, fibreglass, pebblecrete and vinyl-lined pools. However, there is another essential difference between the swimming pools that you might not have noticed until now. There are some striking differences between commercial and residential swimming pools, indeed. 


The first visible difference that you can quickly notice is undoubtedly the size difference between both the swimming pools. The commercial swimming pool is bigger in size as it is meant for more number of people splashing water together while on the other hand, the residential pool renovators in Brisbane. suggest that these pools are comparatively smaller in size according to the number of people it is meant for. 

Design and Features

Along with the size, the design and features of both the pools are also different. While for the residential pools, you can determine the purpose of its use based on the people in your home. 

However, anticipating the people who will be using the commercial pool is quite difficult indeed. So, the commercial pool builders or installers keep their options open in terms of including design. Features like beach line, spa pool, fountain are included in the commercial swimming pools which hardly the residential pool owners feel encouraged to use because of the budget constrains.

Cost of Installation, Maintenance & Repair

Speaking about the budget issues, money spent on the installation, maintenance and repair of the two different types of pools hugely differ. Considering the size, material, upgraded design and features included in the swimming pool interiors of Brisbane, it can be easily anticipated that the cost of installation is more for the commercial swimming pools than the residential pools.

Similarly, the budget you will determine for the maintenance or repair is more compared to the house pools. The water treatment process for the commercial pools is expensive as the level of contamination remains high in there. Similarly, the expenses of commercial pool repairs in Brisbane last longer is something that also gets counted. So, these are some of the basic differences between the commercial and residential pools that you should undoubtedly count to make sure that you can get the right interiors and also receive the correct value of the money spent. 



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