Bathroom Renovation Adding Wall Hung Toilet- How Feasible It Is!


Want to add some new features to your bathroom in an upcoming renovation? Depending on what you want, you will no doubt narrow down your choices with some basic functionalities, cleaning features, efficiency and accessibility. Among all other bathroom basics, wall-hung toilets have a lot of popularity for plenty of reasons. It is currently the choice for a lot of homeowners while ensuring practicality and a great design overall.

So, what is a wall hung toilet? Why is it so special?

Wall-hung toilets work the same as the floor-mounted ones. Well, if you are choosing wall-mounted toilet installation for next bathroom renovations in Bankstown, the only difference you could find is a hidden tank behind the drywall. Some practical advantages are listed below.

  • Concealed tank: The main feature that has made the wall-hung toilet different and a more practical choice than the floor-mounted one is a concealed tank behind the wall.
  • Water-efficient: Being a water-efficient toilet, you can reduce consumption by 20% than the standard toilet.
  • Full of features: Some wall-hung toilet come with a lot of features including the bowl, in-wall tank, seat and carrier.
  • Space efficient: The major advantage of a wall-hung toilet is that it takes up a very little space being the wall-mounted one. In your bathroom, you can install it anywhere as long as it is near to the water source.
  • Easy to clean: Since the toilet design is not attached to the floors, it takes up a very little space and cleaning underneath comes easy.
  • Adjustable height: Did you know wall-mounted toilet can be achieved in a customisable height for the homeowners? People with mobility issue will greatly find help with such bathroom installation.

So, do you want to switch? If you’re looking to install a wall-hung toilet model with an embarking installation, then there are a few things to remember.

  • Framing: To have a successful project completion, you have to choose a suitable wall. Most wall-tank models accommodate 2×4 or 2×6 framing. However, don’t forget to bolt the steel frame of the carrier to the studs that hold up the toilet.
  • Drainage: when it comes to drawing out the water and waste lines, leave a 1/2 inch space for the water supply line. And the waste line should be just below the unit taking 3-inch space.
  • Repairs: Once the toilet is on the wall, plumbers need to have access to it whenever the repair is needed. In addition to knocking out the wall, the pipes must be moved from their usual spot in the floor and necessary amendments should be done.

Wall-hung models can be the part of contemporary bathroom designs for renovations in Mosman. They can be integrated into the bathroom in a number of ways. Matching toilet, cabinet and other accessories are enough to complement the decor with sleek wall-mounted toilet.



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