Beefing Up Your Gate House:- Here’s How To Do It?


Ensuring a safe-haven for your family members should always be top of all list of priorities. And though there is no such thing as a burglar-proof house, adding multiple layers of security, with off-course a trained and experienced security guard does deter external entries and guarantee you and your family a peaceful night of sleep.

In the era of app-based security set-ups, it may be true that CCTV cams and hiring security guards may have become a tad obsolete. But they still prove as effective as before. And that is why you should look to incorporate them into your gated property without thinking twice.

Tips To Beef Up Things:-

1. Boost Up Your Gated Property Security:-

You should look to add a solid visitor management system that helps your hired and stationed security guards serving Sydney to record every visitor digitally. Also, look to add an in-build panic alarm system.

If any threats do come about; all you need to do is press the button, and that will send out an alarm at the main entrance gate. Plus, it will also let your security guard and co. to come to your rescue and take strict and immediate action.

2. Add Adequate Surveillance Systems & Proper Locks:-

Some may call you old-fashioned, but installing secure locks may not be a bad idea to your gated property- especially the main big entrance gate. The good news for you is that there are many automated, password secured and difficult-to-break locking systems available for both residential, commercial and industrial security upkeep.

With that, also add a quality surveillance set-up in danger-prone areas- to broadcast every incident that takes place. The presence of a top-grade surveillance system will be enough to discourage maids and thieves from committing any heinous crimes.

3. Give Your Security Guard An Active Role Deterring Crimes & Unwanted Crimes:-

You must give your hired gatehouse security guard serving Sydney added responsibility to watch over the gate area as well as the property premises.

Their Responsibilities Ought To Include:-

  • Adequate inspecting IDs of every person entering or exiting your gated property.
  • Setting security and safety parameters for the guards to follow should anything goes wrong.
  • Conveying information and directions to every important visitor (after confirming their schedule in the daily guest list).
  • Maintaining logs and record sheets for proper identification.
  • Upkeep of the fire register.
  • Regulating, managing security control panel alarms along with other security-related equipment to keep the entire area under strict surveillance.

What Else?

– Keeping a close watch on all incident reports

– Recording all entering and leaving vehicle registration details.

– Reporting immediately to the superior authorities about any possible threat, health issue or injury.

– Checking if the gates are locked property at night time and watching over all gate activities when it is dark. It is usually this time that burglars or pesky miscreants attempt to wreak havoc inside the gated property.

Wrap Up:-

In this present age, especially with so many crimes happening, proper security leads to proper protection of your property and people. There’s no other way to it.

So, without thinking too much, speak to reputed security services serving Sydney about quality guards and other security automation systems. Surely, they will glad to be of your assistance.




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