“Buffer Landscaping”- Critical Tips & Recommendations.


Adding trees, shrubs and perennials- either planted or growing naturally along the waterfront, along with proper privacy and aesthetics is what most owners desire. And that is what makes buffer landscaping so popular be it in Malvern or any other region Down-Under!

The buffer serves the role of a filter for runoffs and catching debris, pollutants, sediments before it reaches the water. The exciting thing about buffer landscaping is that it veils and safeguards unsightly features and equipment.

This post will tell you what you should do for proper landscaping buffer.

  • Using Living Fences Properly:-

Living fences and the right plant materials which help achieve a quality natural barrier in-between properties is a key part of buffer landscaping. They help prevent passerby’s line of sight from all of them, thus adding a privacy layer encircling the backyard, garden area, and the swimming pool region.

Furthermore, these living fences also act as a cover for those wooden hardscape equipment used in the project. For a hassle-free landscaping construction; you can hire licensed and qualified landscaping service providers to help you use living fences creatively to boost the overall property aesthetics.

  • Choosing The Right Variety Of Plants:-

A crucial part of establishing living fences for your landscape design in Toorak or elsewhere is to choose the right variety of plant materials. You can opt for tropical plants such as giant elephant ears, ginger, banana leaves to achieve enough privacy.

However, they only work in Summer or spring seasons. And since it is Winter In Australia, they will die.

So, the other options to choose include:-

  • Japanese Yew
  • Wax Myrtle
  • Ligustrum
  • Yaupon Holly

You can summon your preferred landscaping specialist serving Malvern to measure and plan your the landscape buffer prior to purchasing these plants.

  • Beefing Up Privacy Around Pools & Backyards & Hiding Utilities:-

Your backyard is much like an oasis- regardless of whether you own a pool or not.

  • So think of encircling with foliage to boost up the aesthetics and overall property value and privacy. And when you are ready to make a proper barrier around the pool or in your backyard; you can think of implementing these ideas.


  • All living fences take time and the right conditions to develop, and so you should think of investing in mature plants at a higher cost for more protection. The reason being, they take much longer to establish and may likely not yield more for some seasons even after being transplanted.

  • You can even think of adding a variety of shrubs and trees that are great for hiding or protecting utilities, namely irrigation pump, generators, AC units trash cans and more.

  • Ensure not to plant shrubs and trees too close to one another as that will prevent its proper growth. You can take the assistance of landscaping professionals to create a better visual barrier with proper trimming and even pruning. And as a benefit, it will safeguard the equipment and other unsightly essentials from the cold weather, wind and even the sun.

Capping Off:-

Buffer landscape is a natural and effective solution to add more privacy and beauty. Be sure to contact a reliable expert to accomplish your custom landscape designs (preferably using the above recommendations) to enjoy the upcoming years.



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