Busted! Top 4 Myths about Window Tinting


Irrespective of whether you are resorting to the car or home window tinting services, the purpose of getting them tinted remains the same. Window tinting – very simply put – bolsters comfort by minimising the impact of UV rays.

Today, in the course of the post we will address a few myths associated with house window tinting in Gold Coast, and consequently, debunk them. So, if you are looking forward to hiring residential window tinting services any time soon, please make sure that you are reading on!

window tinting

Myth #1: Tinted windows might as well turn out to be too dark for your preference

It is something that has bothered so many homeowners out there. Not undermining the qualities as mentioned above of window tinting, they are concerned about possibilities of their home looking too dreary or dark with tinted windows.

However, the truth is – it all depends on the intensity of darkness. How “dark” do you want your tinted windows to be? The darker the tint, the more significant the amount of UV light it will block out from entering your house. So, it’s up to you to decide!

Myth #2: You do not have options at all

In case, you are not comfortable with too dark a tint you can always select a lighter shade. Light hue is especially advised to those who have indoor plants. The very dark tone should be avoided if you have indoor plants because they will not be able to receive sunlight.

So, you do have options. The best measure to take in this regard would be to talk to the companies providing residential tinting and paint protection in Gold Coast. They will be able to help you considerably in this regard by telling you about the pros and cons of both light and dark tint!

Myth #3: Tinted windows are prone to scratches

You might as well have come across stories of window film scratches, bubbles and peel offs. However, they are a thing of the past. Modern films are backed by extraordinary scratch resistant features.

The coatings thus applied on them ensure that you can use regular cleaning products on them without really inviting harm. However, it should be remembered that although regular cleaning is recommended, you should not use abrasive materials on them.

Once again, to maintain those films in their top condition for years to come, you should inquire about the right cleaning methods.

Myth #4: Window tinting looks terrible as time passes

This again stems from the associated belief regarding the bubble and peel off. It is essential to survey products thoroughly before settling for the same. There is no room for solving for the cheapest products randomly. Some people are still resorting to DIY window tinting. In the process, the films that we end up buying from the regular hardware stores make for the reason why this particular myth exists.

It should be remembered that though we do try to save money by resorting to DIY residential tinting, the films procured by us are hardly a match for the ones chosen and installed by professionals. So, it’s the best to leave it to experts. Don’t resort to DIY to save a little now and suffer later.



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