Carpet Cleaning Techniques followed by Pros to protect you from COVID 19


In such trying times there is nothing more important than coming home to a fully disinfected and clean space. As the lethal Corona Virus is taking lives of people across the world, Governments are asking citizens to take extra precautions to stay safe. The virus which has shaken the world, taking toll on lives is known to enter our systems by means of droplet contamination.

Why carpets are targeted for cleaning especially during the pandemic

With this respect nothing seems more important than maintaining personal hygiene by not only keeping ourselves well sanitized and clean, but also ensuring that our residing space too remains healthy and free of contamination. A common household furnishing item which has the tendency to spread the virus, carpets should be cleaned and sanitized as often as possible to avoid spreading of virus. During the outbreak, homeowners are increasingly paying attention to maximum surfaces that are subject to touch or contact. As a result carpets are constantly under consideration when it comes keeping homes clean and sanitized.

Carpets which are laid out on floors are stepped on to with feet, another transmitting source. As a result home owners must keep their carpets cleaned and sanitized at regular intervals to avoid transmission of the germ.

Common approach to staying steer clear of possibilities of Coronavirus contamination through carpets

Considering prevention is the best possible way to ward off illnesses, home owners are urged upon to seek Carpet Cleaning services in Deagon from time to time. Want to know what all ways you can maintain hygiene of your home carpet? Take a look:

Disinfecting the carpet from contaminants especially the virus

It’s known to all homeowners that carpets are subject to several types of threats which are sourced from outside. Ill-maintained carpets could turn out to be a safe breeding ground for microbes that follow in as people enter your home. Especially now that our aim is to protect our home from the virus, we should seek necessary precautions to drive off the contagious virus alongside other microbes namely by disinfecting the floor covering. Avoiding accidental spills or having food near the carpeted region can prove beneficial.

Using baking soda for cleaning the home carpet

Baking soda refreshes fabric; especially when it comes to cleaning carpets, this component’s role is undeniable. Make a mixture of baking soda and essential oils and apply the solution uniformly on the carpet. Now vacuum clean the tufted covering.

Requesting guests to keep their shoes outside

As the threat continues, experts are suggesting home owners to be wary of guests entering with their shoes on. It is vital that you ask them to slip off their footwear outside and wipe and sanitize their feet before entering your home. Before asking Carpet Cleaning service providers in Wavell Heights to take over the job of cleaning carpets, it’s essential that you ask guests to maintain these protocols.

Furthermore, there is no doubt about how well, regular vacuuming works in suctioning off germs from individual fibres of a carpet.



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