Cement Rendering Mistakes That Better Professionals Never Commit


When it comes to cement rendering, things have to be picture perfect. This is important not only for maintaining a sleek look and feel of the wall, but to extend its longevity. That is the reason, it will be best if you refrain from the DIY stuff and bestow the responsibility to some reputed and experienced companies, provided if you are not an expert in cement rendering.

Yes, you have nailed it right!! Opt to only and only blokes who are experienced, as they will never commit the following mistakes.

Not properly preparing the surface to be rendered

This is a very important issue, and it’s a MUST before getting on with the rendering. Presence of dirt and mud, oil or dust makes the surface uneven, which is a hindrance to proper cement rendering of Melbourne houses. Besides, their presence will also not let the surface properly arrest the rendering. The render will slide down, exposing the wall surface to the elements.

Hence, the best rendering company will always take on the surface of the walls to be rendered at first, taking its care and making sure that it is absolutely free of any dist or dirt particles. In case the surface to be rendered is made up of glass or metal, they prefer using a dash coat on the surface before rendering.

They do not apply much force

Rendering is almost as good painting walls and hence has to be done impeccably and delicately. In fact, that’s what the best names from the world of rendering would do, while doing cement rendering. They will never commit the mistake of rendering roughly and by applying too much force. This is because application of too much force with the trowel will disfigure the rendering and will make the surface look uneven and cracked. In short, it will do far from good to the rendering quality as well.

They do not add excessive sealer

Some inferior renderers are of the opinion, cement rendering needs to be associated with a thick layer of sealer, as this will help to keep the element of moisture at bay, and give an extra layer of security to the wall. Wrong! Better quality renderers will think just the opposite. They think, a thick layer of sealer will make the rendering too much glossing and sloppy, and hence uneven, which will affect the quality.

So to avoid these mistakes, opt for a famed and experienced cement rendering company. It will make your day!



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