Cheap Baths Ideas – Reglazing Pros and Cons


Re-glazing a bath is a great idea and is quite cost effective. It is usually a cosmetic finish that is a temporary fix. So if your existing bath is in a good shape with little scratches or minor stains, then re-glazing it seems to be a good option. In this blog, you will get to know about the Pros and Cons of reglazing in order to achieve a polished look:


  • Re-glazing seems to be a great affordable option. If you have a tight budget at the moment and cannot spend on a new bathtub then this is a good, cheap and best option for you. If you are looking for a cheap bath idea in order to makeover it, then this is your catch! You can easily re-glaze the baths in around 300 to 500 dollars! Seems to be a great deal!
  • A lot of users looking for Cheap Baths in Perth often tend to reglaze the existing ones. It is really simple, easy, and convenient and practically takes only a day to complete. 
  • If you possess tubs that are antiques and have clawfoot made from cast iron, then re-glazing them is sure to increase their lifespan.


  • The substances used to reglaze the baths are pretty dangerous for human consumption! So once the glazing is done, the home inmates need to leave their house for at least a day in order to allow the chemical fumes to escape, basically you will need good ventilation! 
  • You can only reglaze the tubs once! It cannot be done on a tub that has already been glazed. If your glazing starts to peel off then you will have to think of other alternatives and options to fix it.
  • So once you plan to do the lazing, make sure to do it on a day that is the least humid! Humidity is a staunch enemy of your reglazing procedure. So you must avoid glazing in the hot and humid summer days. The ideal conditions are the cooler and less humid weather!

While considering any new technique, it is important to consider both the pros and cons and the go by it weighing all the necessary parameters. Else you may also opt for another cost effective way that is by using the bathtub liners. They are just like how you wear a skirt, likewise your bathtub can wear a skirt of any hue or tint.



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