Chief Considerations to Keep In Mind before Hiring a Landscape Contractor



Sometimes landscaping projects can appear too overwhelming. If you are planning to redecorate the landscape or want to get fresh outdoor accents, we have a few considerations mentioned below, so that you can get a stunning landscape around your home.


Have you ever thought about why you need to have a landscape built around your home? When planning a landscape design first think of why you need it and how you want it to be used. There must be a certain purpose for building a landscape. Learning the true purpose of a landscape helps you decide the kind of design you want. Some common uses of a landscape are as follows: 

  • Cooking & dining 
  • Entertaining 
  • Playing 
  • Swimming 
  • Gardening 
  • Relaxing 


Before contacting landscape contractors in Sutherland Shire consider the people who are supposed to access the space. Whether your landscape will accommodate seniors, kids or middle-aged people will help you in choosing a suitable design. 


Another really strong factor which will help you decide the landscape around your property is the environment of the locale. When you are trying to invest in landscaping, keep in mind the chief environmental factors like the shady areas, sunshine, wind direction, views and water flow.  

Soil type 

For an upcoming landscape project you definitely cannot afford to overrule an important aspect like this. Basically the soil type around your premise will help determine the kind of landscape suitable for your home. Take a closer look into the soil. Get it tested so that you can learn the type of nutrients the soil already has in store for an upcoming green setup. Will it be able to support the plants and trees you want to have in your garden? At times excavations in Sutherland Shire become necessary. It’s when you discover whether the clay, rock and sand are favourable for growing plants. 

Planting zone

An elementary factor you must consider prior to deciding on a landscape design is the planting zone. Before you choose plants for the garden determine the planting zone which is influenced by various climatic conditions like rainfall and temperature. Understand the planting zone before you pick plants so that you know certain plants will thrive under a set climatic scenario. Remember, rainfall, sunlight and humidity, are strong factors which help you select plants. 


After selecting the plants, discover the behavior of water around the yard. Does water get collected in certain areas? You can accordingly plant some shrubs which need maximum hydration around areas which accumulate water. On the other hand grow plants which thrive in dryer soil, around areas that drain water really fast. 

Finally, you can choose a garden style which fits around the aesthetics of your property. Consider a garden style which goes along with the exteriors and interiors of your house. Remember, the landscaping design you choose must speak about your personality.



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