Chief Considerations to Take Into Account for Safe & Effective Window Cleaning


Window cleaning is not as easy as you think. Although you might take up the climbing task on yourself, there are potential risks involved which can lead to accidents. Climbing the ladder carrying a big bucket of the soapy solution might not be your cup of tea. You can leave the job in the hands of an expert who will safely perform it.

Chief considerations for window cleaning

Watch out for these key considerations during a window cleaning job:


You ought to pay your attention to the prevailing weather condition. Is it windy, rainy, or hot? These are three common weather conditions that might prompt you to opt-out of window cleaning services in Adelaide. When the weather turns adverse, it’s better you think of rescheduling the window cleaning service. The rainy season makes it too slippery for professionals to perform window cleaning. Besides, the ground should be firm enough to offer adequate support to the ladder.


When hiring a company for domestic window cleaning remember to ask the contractor to bring in the necessary tools. Lack of tools and cleaning supply will only result in shabby outcomes. That’s why they should head to the site with the following things:


A bucket with a steady handle and great quality is what should be used to mix in water and cleaning agents. Find out if the domestic cleaning services team in Adelaide is using a good bucket.

Cleaning detergent

What detergent are they going to use? Check the label and ask them about the ingredients. Some detergents are harsh. They lead to streaks.

SqueegeeWindow cleaning companies use squeegee which forms a part of their cleaning. They are an easy find in the market. The stronger products come with a sturdy metal frame.


The rags which the cleaning professional should ideally be using are meant to be highly absorbent and clean. Rags are used for wiping drip and to keep the windows dry.


Is the ladder steady enough? Will it be able to hold weight? Chiefly, the professionals should be using a ladder which not just has two but three strong points to hold weight and offer balance.


The first thing which cleaning services professionals in Adelaide must pay attention to is a fall back cushion lest they experience a fall from a height. The cleaners must carry along their mobile phone so that in case of emergency they will be able to call someone for help. Besides, with a phone call, they will be able to alert people around.

Ideally, every window cleaning service provider should send a well-trained team of experts to handle the risks involved in window cleaning while paying attention to the quality of the job.



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