Choose the Right Type of Towing Service for Your Car


Are you in search of the perfect towing service for your car? In case you were confused about which type of towing service could be a better option for your vehicle then you have landed at the right place! This blog post will make you aware of the various kinds of towing services that are widely prevalent nowadays. So once you are aware of the details then making the right choice will be quite easier!

Kinds of Towing Services Available at Large:

  • Winch Towing Service:

When you are looking for cheap car towing in Melbourne then you can totally rely on availing the winch towing service. This method usually involves a hook that is tied at the end of a thick iron chain attached to the tow truck. Then this hook is connected to the front breakdown vehicle. Though this towing method might end up damaging the bonnet of your car so think twice before choosing this option. In case your car has met with an accident or fallen into a ditch then this method is totally reliable. Because of this disadvantage, this towing method is claimed to be obsolete and recommended for towing of scrap or junkyard cars.

  • Hydraulic Towing Service:

Another cheap towing in Melbourne that is largely practised is by the use of hydraulic rims! In this method, the car gets towed by the use of the hydraulic machine that is fitted to the towing truck. This method is far better than normal towing and is widely used nowadays because it is comparatively much safer than winch towing service.

  • Flatbed Towing Service:

As the name suggests this kind of towing service makes use of a flatbed. The breakdown car is placed on the flatbed that is built on the towing car itself. This method is by far the safest method of availing of towing services. This is the go-to towing option for luxurious car owners as it is safer than all towing methods!

With the above options, it will become much easier for you to choose the right kind of towing service for your car. It is not possible to go through the basic types of towing services when you land up in trouble hence it is advisable to keep a mental note of such services whenever you set out with your car. Hard times can befall at any instance and if you have the details of any reliable towing service provider then you save yourself from much toil!



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