Coloured Render Over Coloured Paint- What Makes It Better?


colored render

How often is it that whenever you decide to go for a full-fledged exterior redecoration, the first thing that comes to your mind is coloured paint. But, without many homeowners realising it- coloured render is another popular (and equally good, if not better) alternative to exterior wall redecorations.

So, the million-dollar question is– “What Makes Coloured Render Better Than Coloured Paint.” Learn all about it right here in this post!

Why Coloured Render Over Coloured Paint?

Coloured render is a type of render also commonly known as one-coat render. Such render mix can be tinted in any shade to achieve the right appearance for your exterior home walls. They come ready-mixed in a bucket-ready to be used to a substrate.

This exterior rendering application consists of a very thin layer over a flexible base coat to achieve a crack-free and smooth finish. This thin coat is very sturdy, crack-resistant (which only betters with time). Plus they can last a very long time.

How Is It Better To Coloured Paint?

Firstly coloured paint does consists of its own perks. Going for silicone paint does seem ideal for refreshing the exterior appearance of your house walls. You get the liberty to tint in in any shade you want. Plus, they are also hydrophobic, which helps reduce water ingress.

But using coloured paint as a standalone finish for your exterior home walls will likely show hairline cracks within the paint. And that can cause real damage to the overall appearance of the exterior walls with time! Coloured paint also lacks the strength which is seen in a coloured render coat. And even though coloured painting does seem more cost-effective to a coloured render finish, going with the latter will be a more adequate long-term investment on your part.

Possible Colored Render Options To Opt- (Should You Choose)?

If you opt for coloured render (after going through the aforementioned points), then two options stand out. Silicone and Acrylic render treatments.

1.‘Silicone Render’ is known for its self-cleaning capabilities, and that makes it appear newer for longer periods. It is also highly breathable, vapour-permeable, thus making it a wonderful choice for a variety of substrates and to restrict water ingress.

2.‘Acrylic Render’ holds on to the paint pigment very well, thus creating a vibrant and bright finish. It also makes the exterior wall impervious to UV rays. And despite lacking the self-cleaning and breathable qualities of Silicon render finishes, it still makes for an ideal option for its impact-resistant abilities-, particularly for old buildings.

The Verdict:-

Now that this is crystal clear to you don’t another second and call professional external house rendering specialists serving in Sydney to treat your exterior walls. Be it Acrylic or Silicone render treatments, using their experience and field knowledge; they will be happy to do it for you.

However, when sorting out home rendering service providers, look to choose one with a sound market reputation and an impressive record to meeting all client’s quality satisfaction without digging a hole in their pockets. Doing so will give you peace of mind and also allow you to get full value for your money!



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