Common FAQs Regarding Students Visa due to COVID 19 Travel Restrictions to Australia


The rule of the world has changed due to the outbreak of COVID -19 pandemic. The pandemic has largely impacted some of the important issues relating to Student Visa regulations in Australia for abroad student. Students are facing problems to apply for Visa as the Australian Government has strict rules for student visa condition.

Let’s look at some queries of students who are applying or want to terminate their existing visa in Australia.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are universities are completely closing the studies for the second semester?

No, they are considering remote learning for visa holder students as well.

I am an international student. Will my visa be affected due to COVID 19 outbreak?

According to the visa obligation of the Ministry of Home Affairs, in these circumstances, student would be expected to return in their country. And those who are in their fellow country cannot return to the university due to restriction n travelling.

My Student Visa for Sydney University is expiring. What are my options?

The Australian government has come out with Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (ECoE) for those whose visa term is soon to expire. You can extend the date of student visa before the existing visa term expires. Also, you can contact the Ministry of home affairs for further details.

Is it necessary to extend the health insurance coverage?

If you are applying for an extension of dates for the existing student visa, then you will be provided with health insurance coverage under overseas health Insurance Cover from the University.

How to know about the new referendum in Student Visa programme?

Better you stay in touch with the University official website for having daily updates from health ministry for Australia regarding student visa.

IIs the acceptance process has changed this year?

Visa acceptance process for this year mid-2020 has changed. Follow the instruction of government authorities and the university website.

Being a student visa holder from where I can support?

Australian home ministry has separate arrangements for Visa holder international student. They can take help from the ministry support line number.

If a student applies for a visa in this pandemic circumstance from their county, will their visa get processed?

Learn from Department of Home Ministry page for all the details information.

If I am studying for the second semester through remote learning, is my semester load can be reduced?

Yes, it is possible to cut down the second-semester load, as the visa will active and you can get opportunities for completing the sessions.




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