Common Issues In The Bodyguard 545 Pump That Calls for Annual Calibration


The Bodyguard 545 is a state-of-the-art colour coded epidural infusion post-surgery pain management pump also referred to as a Dose-Error-Reduction-System (DERS).

  • It ensures optimal dose depending on the patient’s weight with minimal interventions.
  • It offers quick relief up to 1000ml/h bolus to help patients overcome back pressure and help prevent any transitory occlusion distresses.
  • It averts the delivery of false boluses and leads to better pain control outcomes. This bodyguard infusion pump also prevents unauthorised or accidental program changes due to its 3-level access codes.
  • It has a built-in free flow CME Administration protection with an installed anti-siphon adhering to JCAHO guidelines.

Most importantly– This Infusion pump consists of a drug library which stores up to 26 different protocols which help reduce dosage error and allows ease of use for every department.

But just like any other modern-day contraption, this Bodyguard 545 can malfunction and require proper repairs from trained and experienced specialists to restore its optimal functionality.

Bodyguard Annual Calibration

That is why it is so important to arrange for quality Bodyguard Annual Calibration and necessary repairs whenever its common alarms/problems are identified.

An Index Pointing Out Its Common Alarms/Problems With Possible Causes:-

  • The Pump doesn’t switch on-This could be due to a depleted battery, battery malfunction or even on/off key failure.
  • Error 10, 11, 12-Caused due to mechanical failure and needing professional repair/replacements.
  • Error 13-Caused due to an encoder malfunction which may require replacing the main PCB motor.
  • Error 15-Caused due to some glitches in the microprocessor- again requiring PCB motor replacement.
  • Error 16, 17, 18-Resulting due to electronic breakdown in the pump!
  • Error 26-The Mechanical Obstruction Or Motor Connector Not Reconnected– Could result due to a failed motor test
  • Operational LED Doesn’t Respond– Could be due to a malfunctioned operational LED.
  • Door Open Issue– Reason could be due to the read switch malfunctioning or even due to the door magnet falling out.
  • Its Charging LED Doesn’t Illume Whenever Connected To The AC Power Switch-Possible cause could be due to the AC plug not properly inserted into the charging socket or because the power cord is in dire condition.
  • The Pump’s Pulse Oximeter Is Not Functioning as It should– Possible causes could be that the pulse meter is not connected or its function is not enabled. If neither is the cause, then it could be a case of a malfunctioned pulse oximeter.

If none of the above issues is the reason and still your Bodyguard 545 pump isn’t working, then get in touch with a reliable serving company having trained professionals to tackle with all infusion pump alarms.

If you need a reliable word of mouth for top-quality Bodyguard 545 Repairs along with annual calibration services- Medcore is an excellent place to start!



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