Commonly Asked Questions about Testing and Tagging Microwaves


At the end of the day, appliances are machines, and no matter how efficient they perform, you can never truly trust them. One day they are performing to their limits while the next day, it is not working at all. Then there is the danger of leakage and electrical faults. Precisely for this reason, going for professional appliance test and tag in Melbourne is so important these days.

Having said that, testing and tagging appliances is not something which everyone does, mainly because they have no idea of what it is all about. To be honest, it is pretty complex, but its importance can’t be denied.

Microwaves, for instance, are the appliance which is mostly tested and tagged because the risk of leakage is one of the highest in them.

Some of the Questions Which People Usually Ask about Testing and Tagging Are:-

Will My Microwave Be Tested? What’s the Point of That?

The primary aim of a tester in Melbourne is to ensure that there is no radiation leakage from the microwave. Needless to say, radiation leakages can be dangerous and can cause a serious accident which is why getting the microwave tested and tagged is so important.

Microwave testing and tagging

Will I Have to Replace the Microwave if there’s Too Much Leakage?

Now, all appliances, including microwaves have a set limit of radiation. Now during the testing, if it is confirmed that the leakage is higher than the allowed level, you will have to replace the appliance.

If the Microwave Is Leaking Radiation, Will It Show Physically?

Many people have this notion that only microwaves that are physically damaged leak radiation which obviously isn’t true at all. An appliance can look brand new and still leak radiation; they don’t necessarily have to be physically damaged.

What Is the Cost of Getting the Microwave Checked?

Compared to what was the situation a few years back, getting appliances checked isn’t expensive at all. Still, the amount that you have to pay will invariably depend on the company you hire for testing your appliances. Some companies will charge an exorbitant price while some will do the job at affordable prices.

So these are some of the questions that most people ask about testing and tagging appliances. However, you need to be careful about whom you hire for the job. Needless to say, there are many companies around who provide such services, but it doesn’t mean that you can just hire anyone.

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