Concrete Sleeper Retaining Walls – Why Are They So Popular?


Hope you are well aware of the different types of sleeper retaining walls that are available. There are so many of them – timber, metal or steel, and concrete to choose from. Of all these varieties, concrete sleepers have turned out to be the most popular one since ages.


There are a number of reasons that make these walls so popular. In fact, these reasons make them the ideal and the most suitable material that can be used for retaining walls of gardens and lawns.


One of the main reasons why these walls are so popular is the fact that they come up with a string of advantages. Since they are made up of concrete, a wide range of colours can be mixed with them. Again, there is no probability of the colours fading out, chipping off or getting damaged even after prolonged exposure to elements.



You have the liberty of opting for the best size and texture, style and thickness as per your choice and need. If needed, you can make it appear absolutely raw, just like timber, or you can make it look more sleek and sophisticated.


Here are some other benefits that make these sleepers so popular.


It contains reinforced steel inside


To construct a concrete sleeper retaining wall for a Brisbane property – both residential as well as commercial, reinforced steel is used. This makes sure they are extremely strong – structurally, from inside. Hence, they are not affected by the extremities and vagaries of nature, even following prolonged exposure.


They are sturdier than the other varieties


These walls are much sturdier than the other varieties and hence, do not need much maintenance even after a prolonged use for a long time. This, understandably results in significant savings.


They are much easier to clean and maintain


Another very important aspect of these walls is that they can be cleaned and maintained without much hassle. It is one of the most significant reasons why these walls are so popular.


They are cost effective


The fact that there is hardly any need to maintain or colour wash saves a lot of money. Hence the only time you need to invest is at the time of installing it. Therefore, in the long run, these walls are the most cost-effective than the other versions.


Besides, these walls need not be repaired and replaced for many years, which again underlines the cost-effectiveness. They are sturdy enough to prevent infestation of termite, and insects and hence they do not warp and rot, splinter and split and are therefore, perfect to be used as boundaries and or in other spaces.



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