Confetti and Photo Booth- 2 Must-Have Elements for Your Christmas Bash


There is something incredible about colour, action and glitter effect of confetti. And, when these all come with a photo booth, it does the wonder. In this content, you will find some confetti guide on how you should make it rain with glory on your wedding.

Choose the Confetti: There are several types of confetti to choose from. One tip to make it easier is choosing the one that goes well with your wedding theme. If you’re going glam, try silver or gold. And, if you’re going to arrange white or white mixed with other colour- just like you used it for the florals or invites.

You can choose the confetti in different shapes and sizes to keep it textured and loose. And if you’re going to use it along with wedding photo booth hire in Melbourne, make sure it not only compliments your theme but also stands out with your photo booth backdrop. For example, glittery gold confetti against the red velvet backdrop pairs nicely to create a festive ambience.

Best Place to Throw Confetti: This part often gets overlooked, and people don’t give it much thought. However, there are a few things you need to think about. If you have arranged the entire event in an open space, make sure it is not raining, as the soggy confetti won’t give you fun at all. Also, make sure you are away from the airy space, where your confetti doesn’t just fly. However, make sure the confetti you’re using are biodegradable and don’t harm anyone around you.

Airborne Confetti: There are a number of ways to get confetti into the air. The traditional way is to give your friends and family a handful amount of loose confetti and throw those over you when walking back down the aisle. And, of course, when you’re catching up the moments with cheap photo booth hire, ask the guests to throw this confetti upwards rather than throwing straight at your face.

Nowadays, hand-held cannons that go off with burst and shower confetti high is something amazing.

Lastly, ensure the safety of your kids and the elderly. Confetti on the hard dance floors can be slippery. So, be cautious, and whether it is thrown by hand or using cannons, it shouldn’t be spread close to people. You may choose some responsible ones for firing duties.



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