Considerations for Bathroom Renovations to Bring the Shower to the Limelight


Not long ago separate shower corners emerged as a luxury for bathrooms. Today it has become a necessity. Modern bathrooms will feature a bath and shower as their focal point. Indeed they make for great centre-pieces and bring a dramatic impact to space.

Modern bathroom architecture reveals a different norm where spaces unfold the use of porcelain or marble background and stunning combination of personal and fixed showers. Frameless shower enclosures are elementary for contemporary bathrooms.

Making the shower a focal point for your bathroom

If you don’t want to stick to mundane bathroom designs and plan to make your shower a focal point we have a bunch of exciting ideas which literally give shower designs an all-new level of creativity. Make sure the next time you call up bathroom renovations experts you ask them to make the shower a focal point of your bathroom in the following ways:

Going big

All these years you must have noticed bathrooms feature a smaller shower corner. Why make it look small and crammed when you have the scope to make it feel and appear bigger? Make your shower look as big as you can. If possible add frameless glass enclosures to render a feel of spaciousness to the corner.

Don’t crowd it with walls

In order to make the shower a focal point of your bathroom, you don’t really need to add walls. Allow the space to flaunt style by removing barriers.

Removing the curb

Add a slope to where the shower meets the drain. That way you can make space appear more convenient and safe. The design consideration is vital to add modernism and cleanliness to the style.

Installing the flush drain

Ask bathroom renovation specialists in Adelaide to introduce contemporary flush grates which are not only stylish but effective as well. You can even ask the renovation experts to include a stylish teak floor to blend with the existing decor.

Choosing beautiful tiles

When it comes to offering spotlight to the shower zone, you should pay considerable importance to the tiles you choose. Larger tiles made of natural stones like marble and granite add to the wow factor of the space. These apart you can choose trendy and hand-painted Portuguese and Italian tiles. The matte finish tiles with classier European looks are hard to avoid.


Want to show off the shower zone? Ask custom bathroom renovations specialists in Adelaide to recommend lighting styles that will bring the shower to the focus. From artificial to natural light, the experts will strike a balance between both types of lighting exposure. Get a window built closely or add a frame that will reflect light. Other than these include the recessed ceiling lights for more impact.

These shower design considerations are worth a thought if you are thinking of remodelling the space, making it the focal zone.



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